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A funny happening when we got back home Reply to this Message

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Sep 19, 2018 at 16:29
(United Kingdom)
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A funny happening when we got back home Vote for this post

Hullo Everyone and Hullo to my sweetheart Miss EmmieSue...On friday last week mummy was picking apples  to give to the piggers and she noticed on the lawn  I had got something...Yes I got myself a Pigeon...Oh how proud I was and I did not want mummy to touch it...it was mine ...all mine...anyway I left it and she scooped it up and placed him over the hedge...well then when we got back from taking Nimby to rest on Sunday,Daddy and Mummy were outside just before dusk and Daddy pointed up to the sky to mummy but she just mised it........A Hawk flying over carrying a pigeon!!...and thats not all...just earlier but mummy did not get chance to read it all  then was an article in the weekend paper about how some Animals and humans come back and visit us as birds!!...well now mummy thinks that because also when they rescued me Nimby always took her fave bunny out to sunbathe and I started to copy her taking my hedgehoggies outside as well to sunbathe..Mummy says that Nimby had seen me catch the pigeon on that Friday before we took her and Nimby was not going to be outdone by me and it was her who flew over us carrying her own pigeon!!....I think I better go have a little lie down I said to mummy...and also Mummy asked Nimby to come back and let her know she had crossed over....Ooooh I getting a bit jittery now so I must go and hide under my blankie I think!!...Bigger Hugs to everyone and a Big Kiss for you my EmmieSue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Sep 19, 2018 at 17:08
• Deborah

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Oh how wonderful dat bestest friend Nimby Sue hab come back ta gib your Mummy a sign! An Mommy says a hawk is a bery majestic bird--so like our Nimby! I can imagine her tryin ta outdo you Drew! Yes indeed! Now, buck up an be happy dat Nimby has truly gotten her wings! I myself would rather hab a nice plump chickie, but den, you does with what you gots!
Lub, your Emmie

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