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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Oct 08, 2018 at 08:24
• Deborah

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Yoo!Hoo! Drew Vote for this post

Oh my, we all excited my Drew! Mommy was watchin da TV an saw all des giant puppets (eben a great big doggie!) an da is ober in Liberpool, England! Oh my, we wonders if your Mummy eber seen dem. Mommy are fascinated by dem but I finks I'd be bery scared a dem giants--unless you were der ta hold my paw! We guesses your Mummy an Daddy are startin ta get ready fer da big move. We hopes da take it easy an dons strain nothin! I jus know dat you will help dem as much as you can--gettin your toys an such all in a pile. Well, I gots ta go but I wanted ta check in an tell you how much I lubs you Drew! You be a good boy an be nice ta dat Stig kitty!
Lub you all lots an lots an a big old smoochie kiss fer my Drew, your Emmie Sue

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Oct 08, 2018 at 12:23
(United Kingdom)
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Hellooo my EmmieSue..its lovely to hear from you and I have never seen any large puppets ever and I asked mummy and she says she must look online to see who and why they are in Liverpool...Mummy says thats where the Beetles came from....I have seen beetles in the garden here...I suspect they will have a liverpuddleian accent...Oh I wish clever NimbySue was here...she knew lots about lots ....I am not as worldly as she is....Mummy and Daddy are starting to do things but keep having to stop as the landlord like today had an agent round to take piccies of the house so mummy had to de clutter and hide lots of things in cupboards...after work now she has forgotton where harf the things are!...I have been for walkies with mummy today and yesterday went with mummy and Daddy...I sit on mummys knees but she says I am a heavy boy and not like Sissie was and sissie was always chattering and looking out the windows of the motor car at everything and yappeting and Journeys were full of fun....I just seem to sit there and  not really say a lot..mummy says when we move she will get me checked over again at her old vets and get them to check my leggie again...although when I have done my widdy...well loads of them mummy says boy doggos do...I can really scoot back with my hind leggies so not much wrong there when I do that....Mummy went to see her mummy last friday and took her out for lunch and spent all day with her and came back on the train and then last night she had a phone call from her sissie saying that Grandmummy had fallen and broken her wrist...she is back home now though.......I am going for another little snooze now and dream of sissie cairns....A Big smoochie kiss and paw hugs to you my EmmieSue...from lonely Drewboy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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