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Nov 24, 2018 at 17:08
(United Kingdom)
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Hello Every one,sorry not posted much since we moved but still lots to do and tomorrow I am doing a Vintage fair to offload some items and also have not found any work yet but hope next week to put an ad in  the window of a local garage for Housekeeping work etc,its just been a bit hectic this last week and Peter is back out at night in the lorry for now and just back at weekends,most of today was taken up with a man fitting new flue for the log burner which is nice ,still have curtains to hang and poles to fit and also all pictures to go up on walls...on a worrying note I took Andrew for his check up at the new vets for him, who we used before with Ellie Nimby and Emma....bearing in mind I took him at the end of October at the old vets for his booster and check up and a bit taken off his dew claws..no problems but at My Vets now the lady said he had a slow heart rate which could mean murmour,and this could be possible why he is slower than the cairns were and also that he would need cruciate surgery possibly!!..anyway will speak more about it as I have arranged for records and X Ray from Andrew to be sent over from old to new vets and see what they make of  it...he has been out  with me in the week and Peter today also and fine...not the news I wanted though as we have the stairs here to the big flat and I have been carrying him up and down sometimes......on a plus side he loves the booktown and seems to come to life there...just like my sweet NimbySue did!!!....will be in touch again after tomorrow....Big Hugs and have a nice Sunday all...Andrew sends Big Smoochies to his girl EmmieSue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Nov 24, 2018 at 17:51
• Deborah

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Oh Annie, just hearing all that's going on in your life makes me tired! I'm sure it will all get sorted out, hopefully before the holidays! I've finally learned (at the ripe old age of 64) that what doesn't get done today will get done eventually and what doesn't get done probably wasn't worth doing in the first place!
 I'm sure you're worried about Andrew, and we will keep him in our prayers. Both Gary and I were born with heart murmurs and they've never caused us a bit of trouble but that being said, I have no knowledge of what that means for a dog????Hopefully, there's a med that can regulate his heartbeat.I feel certain that someone here will be able to tell you something about it.
 I'm so glad that you are getting out and that Andrew is enjoying the book town. I'm sure Nimby has something to do with that and is guiding him along..
 We've had freezing rain here all day so nobody was out and about doing much of anything and Emmie's walks were quick and careful! I hope your weather is much improved from that! Tell Andrew that Emmie wishes him sweet dreams and sends a big sloppy kiss!
Love you all, Deb, Emmie Sue (Drew's girl) and Angel Kelsie

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Nov 26, 2018 at 05:32
• allen
(New Jersey)

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Seems like you guts are settling in. Hope you find work and keep us informed how Andrew is doing.

Love Riley

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Caesar Latham and Murphy
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Nov 26, 2018 at 13:32
• Louise

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Oh Annie moving is so stressful.  We hope you all get settled soon.  We will keep our paws crossed for Andrew and our Mummy says she will say a prays for him.  Lots of Love, Caesar, Judah and Angel Murphy

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Levi,Winter and angel Moshe
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Dec 02, 2018 at 16:38
• Yoka

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Soterrible sorryAnnie that you have not found any work yet and hearing the bad news with Drew’s heart. Hope you soon hear better news with Drew and for you work.! That is worry some and how strange that the other vet you had did not tell you.
Praying for Drew and hoping and praying for him and that you find work soon.
Keeping you both in my prayers too Annie and Peter.
Hugs and lots of love,Yoka,Levi and Winter

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