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Jan 06, 2019 at 17:07
(United Kingdom)
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Calling My EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hulloo Emmie,How are you doing?...I have been dreaming of you each night and Mummy has been talking about you and Bestest Friend Nimby,I have been out lots for different walkies and we got some more piccies to get on this week also.Mummy has at last finished cleaning the glass cupboards in the harness room and put all the hoss tack in them so will show you that this week,she still has no replys from her housekeeping advert so she will start to do the figurines again when she has sorted her brushes and paints in order.I have been to the booktown lots and Mummy says I come alive there!!...I not sure what she means by that...and I went to a graveyard in the town...its real lovely if you can say a graveyard is but there is one with a huge figurine lay down of an angel with wings and it is for the RAF pilot who was killed in the 1940's localy...he was only young mummy says and very sad...on that note mummy is still sleeping with 3 of Nimby's toys in the bed next to her at night...and me of course  and its nice and snug and she reads her book about a veterinarian  who used to do his calls on horseback and a cart ...before motor cars came along...My mummy was born in another time NimbySue used to say...well I off to beddie now ...Oh and I am getting better a little bit with my kitty mummy says ...she comes out and lays by the log burner every night for a while and I lay on the sofa or carpet quite near to her but mummy sits by us and I still have to be on my leash...me and Stiggie touched noses this morning outside...and then I sort of sniffed her botty!!!...Oooh I better go mummy says too much information of the wrong kind!!...Big Smoochies and Huggies from your Drew xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Jan 06, 2019 at 20:14
• Deborah

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Ah, my Drew, I do say dat bestest friend Nimby Sue are watchin ober you when you go to dat booktown an her is whisperin in your ear dat her loved dat place an you should too! We is so glad dat you is gettin out an about an dat you is gettin along better wif Stig! You wons belieb dis, but a little half grown kitty has started comin inta our patio an Mommy an Daddy started feedin her. Now, da is sittin on da steps at night an she lets dem pet her! I dons know where dis are headin so stay tuned! My Mommy an your Mummy bof like ta visit cemetaries an check out da old headstones! I swear da is mentally connected somehow! Did your Mummy like da story Mommy did on da old time doctor who rode in a gig? I finks Mommy sent a copy a da magazine her writes fer an it were in der. We cans wait ta see piccies a your travels an later on, your Mummy's figurines! Well, it are time fer snacks an den beddie so I best go so I can dream bout you tanight! Sweet dreams my Drew! I lub you! XXXXX
Your Emmie Sue

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