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Mummy not got anything done this afternoon Reply to this Message

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Feb 13, 2019 at 12:38
(United Kingdom)
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Mummy not got anything done this afternoon Vote for this post

My mummy went to help clean a house for a man a couple of miles away...she going each week to him for 2 hours ,on Mondays she helps another lady in her house for 2 hours ...this afternoon she was going to continue with a figure of a fox she is painting but after letting me outside and playing ..then a man called who she not seen since she been back here and he talks a lot..so then it was nearly 3. 30..then by 4 o clock I had to have my dinner  and I been in the garden...then I went up nearly an hour ago,,Mummy let Stig my kitty out but she was playing up on the stair carpet,Mummy went to see ....and there it was...a baby bunny.....Mummy wonders if Stiggie caught him this morning and she fetched him in through the cat flap and then into the harness room where mummy paints..she leaves that part open for stiggie to come into and I am in the apartment above cos I cannot be trusted with Stiggie...anyway mummy sent her out through the cat flap and rescued the bunny...she then had to lure Stiggie back in and then take the baby bunny to the woods and undergrowth..she hopes he survives...but better than a Kitty's jaws and torture....they are so cruel with their prey mummy says.....I think it would have been safer in my Jaws !!....Hhhhm mummy is thinking of locking Stiggie out when she at work now..otherwise there may be many bunnies on the landing and stairs..and we know what condition they may be found in when she returns she knows.There is a little building for tools  where Stiggie could go if its wet.....Oh What to do for the best mummy wonders!....so no painting this afternoon and now the daylight is fading...Mummy got another job tomorrow afternoon for 3 hours  hoovering for a lady with arthuritis.........I want mummy to be here all the time with me but she says she needs to earn Pennies to look after me...well I remember Sissie Nimby was always after things that cost pennies and monies....she was so spoilt...anything she wanted she got!!...New coats ,new beddies ,new toys...planty of treats...you name it...Yep..she got it no questions asked!!....I want to run away !!....Love from Grumpy Andrew ..xxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Feb 13, 2019 at 13:08
• Deborah

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Re: Mummy not got anything done this afternoon Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Oh dear, sounds like you is poutin taday Drew! I knows, cause I hab been known ta put on a good pout myself! (Well, Mommy says I do but she tends ta eggagerate at times!) I knows you want your Mummy home wif you all da time, an so do I, but it jus aint goin ta happen! Just like bestest friend Nimby Sue, I likes new things--outfits, tweats, blankies, chickie,....well, you know all about it I do say! Boys jus don need things like girls do, but still, your Mummy wants ta hab a liddle jingle in her pocket as Mommy puts it and so, you will hab ta be on your own somtimes. At least your Mummy dons need ta be gone all day long, day afer day. Buck up I do say my Drew! Things could be worse! As fer Stigs, kitties will be kitties an you gots ta watch dem like hawks! Catchin critters an birds is jus what da do! At least your Mummy came across da bunny before it were din din fer Stigs! Now, you take a nice nap an dream sweet dreams bout me an you'll feel much better! Promise! An remember, I lubs you lots an lots! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Your Emmie Sue

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