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Feb 27, 2019 at 17:13
(United Kingdom)
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Calling My EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hello My Emmie..How are you doing?..have you still got that snow,I hope its gone...I have had 4 days of sunshine and been outside basking on my beddie and also mummy is pleased with me cos she is trying to get me better with my kitty Stig but she still cannot trust me ...its when stig runs or jumps you see thats when I can turn she say...but when I go into the little wood by my garden stig comes for a walk with us...Mummy says she used to walk in the fields with the cairns and Suckie and Stig followed and played as well...Mummy says stig misses NimbySue ...Oooh its constant I have to tell you....always how they played Tig together...I fed up hearing it now...and still no sign of any sissie for me...just Mummy for company. and Mummy has caught a cold from a Hairdresser so she cross about that...she has got a few jobs and local here on the estate some days  so she says she fits them all in around my needs so I must be at least thankful for that...Hhhhmmm...some consolation that is!!...I readed that word in the Dickchonary...what a clever boy I am.....I will get some more pictures this week of myself for you and ask mummy to take one of me and the stig walking together to show you what a good boy I can be...let me know also mummy says how your mummy is doing...I speak tomorrow night again.
Big Smoochies and hugs from your Drew and NimbySue with her wings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Feb 27, 2019 at 18:09
• Deborah

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Hello my Drew! I so glad you is gettin on better wif Stigs an gettin out an about! It are still cold here with talk of more snow next week. Mommy says enuf already! Now, I is goin ta gib you my take on your Mummy talkin bout how Nimby an Stig used ta play, an so on an so on.....I finks (an Mommy agrees, imagine dat!) dat your Mummy are workin through her grief ober bestest gettin her Wings an dat are a good thing! I knows, yes indeedy, I am in contact wif bestest telepathically you see an I knows dat when da time are right, her will send you a new sissie! You must be patient I do say an be on your best behavior. Good things is comin, oh yes da are! I will be lookin fer your piccies an I may hab a surprise piccie in store fer you too! Oh, how I lubs surprises! Now, you take a nice snooze an dream bout me an I will do da same. Remember I lubs you lots an lots an think bout you all da time! Oh, an tell your Mummy dat my Mommy are doin OK. Her is stiff as a board when her gets outta bed in da mornin' but afer her gets ta movin around, her feels much better! We hopes your Mummy's neck are better too!
Lub, your Emmie Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

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