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We got drier weather today Reply to this Message

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Mar 19, 2019 at 18:07
(United Kingdom)
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We got drier weather today Vote for this post

We have less windy and dry weather today and same tomorrow,I been out at the weekend with my mummy and Daddy and yesterday  cos daddy had a toofer checkup and he gots to have one oot!!...on April fools day...Oh Daddy I said!..anyway he got the day off cos a big toother to come out and no lorry work that day...Mummy is booking me for an X ray on my knee to see how things are and will let you know when I got to go,and Mummy waiting now to hear blood results and her X ray results from neck so she knows what going on....we all falling apart since NimbySue left mummy says!! and Daddy in on May 1st for his hip op,Mummy says on a Plus side I will have Daddy home for quite a while for company and Mummy will still have to earn pennies  cos sick pay here is real poor.....everything gets in the way of me getting a sissie!!...Mummy found two sissies like Nimby and Ellie but it was an old cairn rescue ad from a few years back....Oh Drat !! whats a lonely boy to do...am I the only boy on my own do you think!!...I hope everyone is having better weather than snow and storms...I speak tomorrow and Smoochies and paw hugs to my EmmieSue...I put a new piccie on tomorrow for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..Hugs and kisses to all from Drew and Nimby with her wings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Mar 19, 2019 at 20:13
• Deborah

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Re: We got drier weather today Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Oh my dear Drew Boy, what's happenin ober der? I tell Mommy, when we says our prayers tanight, we gots ta say some fer all a you! It are bad enuf dat Mommy's back actin up, but you and your Mummy an Daddy gots ta get it tagether an quit dis fallin apart stuff! We gots sunshine but cold weader here an I hopes your weader improves. Eberybody will feel better if da can find a sunbeam ta lay in! Yes indeedy! You hang in der my Drew. When da time are right, bestest friend Nimby Sue will send you a new sissie. I jus knows her will! Till then, you be a good boy an take care a your Mummy an Daddy. Oh, an take care a your knee too! As always, remember dat I lubs you lots an lots an I'll be dreamin bout you tanight! Cans wait ta see your new piccie!
Lub, your Emmie Sue xxxxxxxxxxx

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Levi,Winter and Angel Moshe
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Mar 20, 2019 at 10:04
• Yoka

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Re: We got drier weather today Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Oy vey, what a bad happenings I am reading here.
Annie you must have your hands full and now your Hubby needs help pulling a tooth. How painful we hope all will get better soon soon.So very sorry to read this!

Lots have been happening here too and Richard was in and out of the Hospital many times. They went through his hard from the wrist to his heart. While he was in the Hospital the last time. He finally got new medications that are really helping him . He also has other medication for his colon and he has been doing finally well with the new medications.
We also changed cardiologist right here at he beaches instead of one that is far away and several times Richard went to appointments and he was a no show.
Levi and Winter are doing great but we hope it warms up soon we hate the cold weather we are having now with lots of wind from the North.
The sun is shining and we sure hope it warms up soon.
Love,Levi,Winter and Yoka

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