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Jul 04, 2019 at 17:12
(United Kingdom)
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Hullo my EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hullo My EmmieSue sweetie,what yoo been up to?..we hope your mummy OK and not too upset finking about Dear Kelsie..my mummy explained to me who she was and a Darling gal...Mummy has made a few enquiries about sissies for me but no luck yet...I do wish she wud hurry up and get me one but she says it not like going to the shops!!...I been down to a nice farmhouse yesterday afternoon and this morning cos Mummy and Daddy doing some gardening and weeding there before it comes up for sale...Mummy wishes for a lottery win cos she says it a super big hoose full of character..I get piccies and show you soon..Have you had hot wevver...we have but I been in the shade outside lounging around and still on squillie watch.how are you doing wiv your kitties as well?...I still wants to eat my kitty ...she goes into the woods a lot next to my garden and I can see her but I am a good boy and do not bark even if she near the fence..Ooh I forgots to tell yoo I been up to the mountains a few times in the cooler wevver...where your Bestest friend and sissie Nimby used to love to go...Mummy says she still grieving!!..Hurry up wiv a new sissie I say ....speek tomorrow  and I love you loads from your Drew and Nimby with her wings...Big Smoochies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Jul 05, 2019 at 09:02
• Deborah

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Re: Hullo my EmmieSue Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hello my Drew! Oh, your adventures sound eber so lubly! I nots been anywhere, boo, hoo...Mommy says it jus too hot ta go out much. Sooooo,  I been loungin aroun inside most a da time, twiddlin my liddle toes an waitin fer some cooler weader! Dem kitties is all scared a me an run when da sees me. Der Momma comes right up an rubs her head under my chin an wants ta play but really, her nots da best a playmates I do say! All dat purrin an such....Mommy says dat Ellikens an bestest friend Nimby Sue hab der heads tagether an when da finds jus da right sissie fer you, they'll gib your Mummy a nudge so her finds her an den you'll hab a sissie all your own!! I'm not too sure da mighta eben asked my sissie, Angel Kelsie ta help in da search an if dats da case, it might be awhile! Mommy says her always took a while ta make up her mind bout anythin! You be a good boy an try ta get along wif Stigs. Oh, an keep a watch a dem squirrelies, da are sneaky buggers an will try ta get you in twouble if da can! I lubs you lots an lots! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Your Emmie Sue (Mommy an Angel Kelsie)

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