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Jul 29, 2019 at 20:40
• Cheryl
(New York)

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Hi, every buddy! Vote for this post

Just thought I would check in and say hi! Well, I been at my new home here for a little over one month! Dad says I am better for Mom than any antidepressant, what ever that is. All I know is that I make them all smile. And that makes me happy, too!

My sister Zena has been pretty good with me. I think she had her snoot a little bit out of joint for awhile, but I guess she realized that I'm not going to give up easily. I even taught her how to play because she missed out on that in her early ruff life. I am teaching her how to not take life all so seriously because, hey, we are all here to have fun, am I right?

I am being a good boy about just about everything. Potty stuff, watching that no bad guys come near (Mom says I am an excellent watcher dog), good manners, just being charming.

I think I love everybody equally. I make sure that Dad gets snuggle time with me because that's important for him to love me, too. I like sitting in with him in his recliner chair. He says PARK IT and I squeeze right in beside him.

Oh, and do you know what I love, love, love? Watching TV!!! I get to see (and bark at) all sorts of animals, not just dogs. I bark at them and jump up and down. And if I am very lucky, I might just catch one someday. I almost caught a horse the other day!

On my walkies, I am very alert, especially when I see deers and fawns and you know what else? Robins! They drive me crazy the way they are always hop hop hopping on my lawn. Oh, and chipmunks. (I gonna get one someday, I am!) And the other day I saw a wooly bear caterpillow, or something, and I went crazy trying to catch him. But Mom would not let me.

And I love love love rolling in the grass, especially right after it is mowed. Then Mom says SHAKE IT OFF and I do.

I can dance, too. I am not very good at that sit, down, come stuff, but MAN, I CAN DANCE!

Mom is talking about brushing me and doing a little clip clip on my hairs. I think I am going to be difficult about it because I think I am just prefect the way I am. I'll let you know how THAT turns out.

Oh, and guess what else? I went camping in our RV with Mom and Dad and Zena. I got to ride on Mom's lap and make faces out the side window. That was fun. There were lots of chipmunk there and that was the bestest part. But I didn't get one. DRAT! And we are gonna go camping again after this nasty heat wave passes because who wants to hang out in a hot tin can? Not me! And not Mom, either.

So, I think I am doing pretty good training Mom and Dad and stinky ol' Zena (did I mention she is a big old baby who snores?) And she steals toys 'cause she is a brat?

Ok, bedtime here. Off to my crate for sweet dreams of wooly bear snacks. 'Cause what happens in the crate stays in the crate!


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Biba and Andrew
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Jul 30, 2019 at 04:01
(United Kingdom)
Post 17622

Re: Hi, every buddy! Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hulloo Rookie,its soonds like yoo have fitted in real good and landed on yor Paws,its just getting used to new things and routines in a new forever home we say and Biba has yet to sit on Mummys knees in the motor car as she only came on Sunday by big crate in the back with me lying next to her on the outside of her crate...NimbySue used to love looking out of the windows  with mummy...a wonderful update mummy says and maybe a picture when yoo get chance...Hugs and kisses from Biba Andrew Mummy and NimbySue with her wings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Jul 30, 2019 at 08:30
• Deborah

Post 9949

Re: Hi, every buddy! Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hey der Rookie! We is eber so glad ta hear from you an learn dat you is settlin right in! Dem chipmunks (I calls dem chippies!) are a real pain ain't de? Jus like you, I have made it my life's mission ta get one a dem (if I can eber get Mommy ta look da udder way long enuf! Hee!Hee!) I lub watchin da birdies from my swing on da patio. I dons mind dem hoppin around as long as da ain't too noisy! (A girl needs her beauty sleep doncha know!) Mommy are happy ta hear dat you an Zena are gettin along an dat you bof share time wif your Mom an Dad. I neber been campin but it sounds like a lot of fun! Stay cool in dis heat an dream bout fall! We hopes you tell us more bout your adventures an dat your Mommy posts a piccie of you real soon!
Lub, your buddy Emmie Sue (Mommy an Angel Kelsie)

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Jul 30, 2019 at 11:09
Post 127

Re: Hi, every buddy! Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

So nice to hear all about Rookie. Sounds like he is loving his life with you all and giggles to his gruff about Zena. Awww...what fun to hear that he loves to dance and chase the animals on the TV. Like most terriers those chipmunks can stir up a frenzy...keep those beaders peeled for them Rookie.
Hugs Sandra & Grady xox
My Angels Maddie Willie Emily at the RB 

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Robin and presley
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Jul 30, 2019 at 14:35
• Sandi

Post 6058

Re: Hi, every buddy! Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

 Hi  rookie  glad that you are doing great ..

Sandi robin Presley and buster at the bridge 

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Jul 31, 2019 at 15:22
• allen
(New Jersey)

Post 695

Re: Hi, every buddy! Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

So glad you are all settled in and enjoying your new family!!!

Love Riley and Allen

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