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Aug 20, 2019 at 17:37
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Biba watch for the mail trucker Vote for this post

Hi Biba this is Grady...we have something coming from over the pond to you so keep those beeders peeled and watch for the mail truck in the next few weeks. Now I heard that you were on short supply of things to carry and play with so me and my folks went out shopping and I personally picked out some pressies.That's all for now mom says I have to go get my teeth brushed and get the slicker and comb torture...gee what a spoiler mom is! Just when my day has been so fun.

Tail wags and snuggles from your chum Grady xox

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Andrew and Biba
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Aug 21, 2019 at 03:04
(United Kingdom)
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Graaaaaaady..calling Graaaady!!..Oooh I never had anyfing seded or a gifty fwom anywhar apart fwom wot mummy gotted me...I am soo eggsited and I gots to lookie oot for the roadrunner bwinging it to me....I gots to get to it be4 my bwudder,Fank yoo soooo much and Mummy says a Big Thank you....I catchya all later when mummy back fwom worky.....Loads of Luv  fwom yor chum Biba and Andwew and Nimby wiv her feathers xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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