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Calling My EmmieSue Reply to this Message

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Andrew and Biba
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Sep 05, 2019 at 16:42
(United Kingdom)
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Calling My EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hulloo My Sweetie EmmieSue...I hope yoo are alright and  yor mummy and Daddy...I miss yoo lts and do dreem of yoo of corse  every nightime,I go on my walkie with mummy and my little ratface sissie  in the mornings and then mummy takes rattyface again in the afternoon...But not me...she says I would not do the distance and she has to do sum training and educating of my sissie...I think they go for about 3 miles but she is still full of life when she gets back...anyway I am going to a big collectors fair where they have all stalls outside and in on Saturday...I went before with Sissie Nimby and loved it cos they have food  vans and stands  yum yum!! I love the smell of the beef and porky cooking...Have you still got Squillies?..they seem to be a bit slow now at cuming to my bird table...I cannot sneak up on them since ratties been here Ha Ha ...we got dry weather for the weekend so we very lucky ,mummy feels sad for the people and animals in the Dorian  storm...I get sum piccies just of me for yoo when I go on Saturday...sleep snug my Pretty gal Emmie and I love yoo loads and Big Kissies from your Drew xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Sep 05, 2019 at 16:54
• Deborah

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Re: Calling My EmmieSue Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hello der my Drew! I were beginnin ta think you'd forgotten bout me....It sounds like you is busy an I cans wait ta see your piccies from da collectors fair! Now, ahem, I must say you gots ta hab patience wif your new sissie Bibs! Her are still young an has much ta learn. You know, you could help her out (an I dons mean by callin her ratface!) My heabens ta Betsy, what a name fer your new sissie! Bestest friend Nimby Sue would not be happy wif you an you can bet her is watchin you an yappin ta my sissie Kelsie bout you! Oh dear....We is finally habin some nice weader here but dat could change as da hurricane comes up da coast. We coulds get a bit a rain from it, but dat are all. Da squirrelies are gatherin der nuts fer winter. Da is busy, busy an I hab been keepin a close eye on dem you can be sure! I mus confess dat I are a bit jealous a Mommy spendin time wif dem outside kitties. Da is SO cute (her words, not mine!) an she picks dem up an snuggles dem all da time! What's a girl ta do to compete wif cute an cuddly kitties??? Oh well, as long as da is outside, I can put up wif dem....Tell bestest friend Biba dat I asked bout her an hope you bof hab a good night. Sleep tight my Drew an dream bout me! I lubs you bof lots an lots! XXXXXXXXXXX
Your Emmie Sue (Bibs bestest!)

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Robin and presley
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Sep 06, 2019 at 09:41
• Sandi

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Re: Calling My EmmieSue Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

It's so cool that you are best buddies. Hope you can meet one day.
Sandi robin Presley and buster at the bridge 

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