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Andrew & Biba
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Oct 02, 2019 at 17:18
(United Kingdom)
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Biba's check up Vote for this post

Hullooo all my chummies,I wented wiv mummy for my luggie check up and all is cleared up well....I gots a tweet for that inspecshun ...but then...my vaccination card came oot...and Oooh Nooo a needle...but I am a hardy one and never fwinched at all....I gots to go back for my 2nd one in 4 weeks and also Drew bwudder and owr Kennel cough medi as well,we beened for 2 short walks wiv mummy over in the gwounds of the big hoose and after worky I wented again on my long 30 metre line....I zoomed for harf an hour  like a wild hunter mummy says and then camed back and wanted to zoom still wiv my ball,bwudder drew and me just beened oot for owr last widdie tonight so we going to beddie soon...we bofe sleep on mummys beddie now togevver...Mummy has been asked if her and Daddy want to be the caretakers of the big hoose but Mummy says she has to have a good fink but she says she cannot do it although lots of pluses but the negatives are we woulds only have a small courtyard to zoom in unless we were taken on leads into the grounds and also they may not do weddings any more only house lets ,,,the big hoose sleeps 23 peeples and mummy says it wud be too disruptive for us also...she says we need owr quality of life and fweedom  to be happy doggies...Yaaaaay!.My bwudder and me gives Big Blowy kissies to his EmmieSue and my Best fwend and I am going to send a Sweet Swedish kissie to Master Gwaaaaady....Mummy says its Andwews time on the pooter tomowwow to his fwends also and his Emmie ...Oh Dwat I want to come here as well tomowwow to put sum piccies on....we gots to go beddiebyes now...Huggies and kissies to all and  finking of all those who are sad and missing their puppers....Lov fwom Biba,Drew and NimbySue wiv her wings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Oct 02, 2019 at 19:25
• Deborah

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Hello bestest friend Biba! Oh, we is so glad dat your lugger are all healed up an so impressed dat you took your shot like a soldier! Not me mind you, I start squellin like a stuck pig before da eben get near me wif dat needle! What a great zoom you musta had! It were 93* here today so only short trips out to do my widdies an back in. Hopefully da weader will change soon an we'll get cooler temps sos I can be outside more! Mommy says she thinks your Mummy made a good decision by not acceptin da caretaker position. It sounds like way too much time invested an too much responsibility whateber dat is! I do say dat time wif us puppers are much more important! Well, time fer my walkie, sweet dreams to bof a you an I'll look for my Drew Boy's post tamorrow! Lub you bof lots an lots! XXXXXXXXXX
Lub, bestest friend Emmie Sue, Mommy an Angel Kelsie

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Oct 03, 2019 at 11:13
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Great news that Biba is healed from her ear infection and all is well now. Good both have updated their shots. We have to go in December to Grady's Vet to get a jab. But all caught up as of now with all the others shots.
Wonderful that Andrew and Biba are both snuggled on the bed at night. A good sign that there is harmony and getting along well. Sounds like they get nice long walks and burn off all that terrier energy. Grady can go all day up without a nap, bursting with spunk. I wish I had half of his stamina.

Grady sends Miss Biba the Swedish gal tail wags and circle zoomies

Hugs Sandra & Master Gradyxox

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robin and presley
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Oct 05, 2019 at 11:20
• Sandi

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Re: Biba's check up Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

So glad the Biba's ear infection is all healed up.

sandi robin presley and buster at the bridge

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