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Calling Master Grady' and Mummy Reply to this Message

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Andrew & Biba
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Nov 04, 2019 at 17:12
(United Kingdom)
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Calling Master Grady' and Mummy Vote for this post

Hullo Master Gwaaady...its Bibs here and bwudder Andwew...Mummy sawed yor  mummy saying that she getting yor beaders checked oot cos yoo gwowl  in dim light and she wonders if it just yoo gwowing up cos I sumtimes gwowl and barky at shadows when it darky and dim lights...I wos not kept inside a hoose yoo see till I gots here  so I learning  some puppy gwowing up fings and wots right and wots not a bit later on  cos I 20 mumffs old now   Bwudder Drew says I am 6 mumffs old in my habits...anyway we hopes and we are keeping paws cwossed...cos I lie down and cwoss my paws a lot ..that yoo like me and we just a bit unsure of whats lurking in the dim light and wot the shadows are...and they spooky when they move..till we find oot its mummy Daddy or Drewboy.......Big huggies and swedish kissie fwom Bibs   and Drew and Nimby wiv her wings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Nov 05, 2019 at 13:49
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Re: Calling Master Grady' and Mummy Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hello Miss Bibs our little Swedish cairn girl. Wow 20 months already.Time sure flies. So you too get spooked by the dim lights just like I do. I really get scared,whimpering,growling and barking like crazy. Mom calms me down. But I just want to go on a frenzy bark-a-thon . Mom hopes it's just a fear stage in my development and that my beaders are sharp and no problems with my eyes. 
Now my mommy isn't so worried after hearing you do the same thing. Maybe it's just a little fear of the shadows like you say.

Miss Bibs hope your rainy days have passed and you have some fun walkies this week.
Your chum...Tail chasing Master Grady xox

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