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Biba and Andrew
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Dec 05, 2019 at 17:10
(United Kingdom)
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Hullo Everyone Vote for this post

Hullo Everyone..Wot yoo been up to?...Mummy has hads a real busy week as they have no caretaker at the big hoose now for the moment so mummy is doing a few duties there and the cottage  that gets let oot  and her uvver work and looking after us ...we get our walkies and the weekends we lov cos daddy here and mummy....I real wild and Mummy spoked to my old mummy the uvver night and I weckon its in my genes the wildness and I lov playing catch wiv a ball....Mummy gots all our pwessies on top of a wardwobe and she says me and Drew cannot get up thar...Drew has beens naughty clambering on the window sills fwom a chair and I still toy destwoying but I cans also make a funny howly noise...Its the swedish wolf in me Mummy I say....Drewboy lets me jump over him and we lay togevver on the beddie and in fwont of the log burner...we is getting our coats tidied up on wednesday cos a man is cuming to fit a noo toilet cistern and has to dwain sumfing doown and fit noo valves so mummy taking us into the harness room oot the way of the pwummer man to gwoom us....we hads a foo dwy days but it windy now and we hads bad fogger yesterday...wot have yoo all been up to and is yoo getting reddy for Santa Paws...I nots had a cwistmas in a hoose before so I be all eggsited.....speek tomowwow...Lov yoo all and Bestest fwend and Gal fwend Fwom Biba and Drewboy and NimbySue wiv her wings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Dec 05, 2019 at 17:30
• Deborah

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Re: Hullo Everyone Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hello bestest friend Bibs an my Drew Boy! Oh, you can tell Santa Paws will be comin--such sneakin arond an whisperin you neber did see! Packages comin inta da house an when I goes ta check them out, da is nowhere ta be found! I sniffed under da bed an at da closet doors but I not sniffed anythin out yet! Indeed I say, what' wif all da secrets Mommy? Hmmm, what's dat, neber you mind you says! We nots hab a tree or lights up yet. Daddy are waitin fer Mommy ta get a free day sos we can decorate. Oh, how I lubs all da purty lights! We nots know what dat liddle kitty will do wif a tree an her gots me in da doghouse so I not too keen on her right now. If she didn't want me ta chase her, she shouldn run! Der, I said it an I is stickin ta my story--it were all her fault! Cans wait ta see piccies a you bof all spruced up! Take care an hab a good snoozy! Lub you bof!
Bestest friend Emmie Sue (Drew's girlie)

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Dec 06, 2019 at 12:44
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Re: Hullo Everyone Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hello Miss Bibs and Andrew. Sounds like a busy week you have and how exciting that you get your first Christmas..ME TOO. Mom set up a big tree in the house with lights and sparkly things on it.I had plans to play with it...so many good chewy things on there.But Mom being the pawty pooper she is put up an xpen around it and spoiled the fun.
I got into real trouble this week. I chewed up three toys...no more froggie,hedgehogger or ducky. Then I chewed the leg on the sofa but that's not all I got to chewing the corner down on the new china cabinet mom got last year. Oooo she was not happy. I gave her my sorry big eyes and she forgave me.
It's been cold here with snow and then rain melted it all.Very cold but I get to wear sweaters and I'm liking them now.
We are waiting for the Christmas card list ....Mark we hope we get it soon. Mom says pics of terrier will come to our us.Can't wait.

Hugs ....your chum Master Grady

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