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Biba and Andrew
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Mar 02, 2021 at 16:00
(United Kingdom)
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Update on us all Vote for this post

Hullo Everybod and Bestest fwend and  Drews Gal EmmieSue and my Master Gwady,we is all doing fine but mummy hurted her leggie and bottom agains this afternoon twying to get Stiggie my kitty in...she beens busy wiv that flooded hoose again but gotted me oot for woody walkies sort of wiv er bad leggie but Its good that I can mooch aboot the trees and stumps looking for mouses...Drew and me have had nice walkies over the weekend wiv mummy and Daddy and a lovely one wiv Drew and his carty on Sunday mooning,..tis turning colder again here and we snug at night wiv the heating and log burner on...I am still a mischief and mummy plays wiv the balls wiv me in the hoose which I lov...and Drew and I have owr play moments...Mummy says I must not push the bounderies wiv him but she finks I know better cos he top doggo really and my Elder bwuvver but she says Drew lovs to play when he feels like it...its really only in the hosse he dus it though...we do that Tewwier glare and tail wag at each uvver and he twies to put his hairt white chin on the back of my neck....and off we go like rockets zooming down the hall!!
we hope you are all well and stay safe  and warm.
Huggies and kises Bibs and Drew and Smoochies to owr Gwady and EmmieSue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Mar 02, 2021 at 17:03
• Deborah

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Oh bestest, what are it wif our Mommies? Mine are still nursin her injured knee dat her twisted on da ice and now your Mummy gots a bum legger! Ah, what's we to do wif dem? Daddy has threatened to wrap Mommy in bubble wrap an I is eagerly waitin ta see dat! We gots cold again but no snow. We glad you is gettin out fer your walkies. Daddy is makin sure I gettin out an about in da afternoon. Bestest, you tell dat Drew Boy ta play nice or I is goin ta gib him what for! He knows how ta tweat a lady an you bein his liddle sissy, he gots ta watch out fer you an tweat you wif respect I do say!  Hope you hab a great ebenin in front a da fire. I be thinkin bout bof a you tanight when I'm layin in front a da fireplace suckin up da heat!
Lob, bestest friend Emmie Sue (Drew's Girl) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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