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Biba and Andrew
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Sep 08, 2021 at 16:05
(United Kingdom)
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We are back home Vote for this post

Hullo Everybod and Bestest fwend EmmieDrews gal and My Master Gwady...we hads 4 nice days around the cotswolds and stayed in sum nice places all ground floor and away from the main hotels and hads nice food mummy says...no cooking for her and the wevver was lovely and not too hot but we camed back Monday as the heat was arriving and mummy wanted us home to stay cool and we gotted stiggie owr kitty home and she is free now in the garden and where she wants to go in the woods and places...she is staying pwetty close to the garden at the moment and enjoying herself snoozing in the sun...but we got rain tomowwow and maybe a storm tonight cos it all humid but we gots the fans on...anyway we loved the agricultural show and all the animals and watched hoss jumping and saw the piccies and coos and the collie dogs herding the duckies..my Master Gwady's Mr Willie wuds have loved to see them...Daddy has the rest of the week off and mummy also...we go for anuvver day oot at the weekend now it going cooler.
We hope yoo all had a nice weekend and Lov yoo lots and Smoochies Swedish kissies to my Gwady boy and Drew sends Furry paw hugs and kissies to Emmie My Bestest fwend and his gal...Lov and hugs Bibs and Drew xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Sep 08, 2021 at 18:14
• Deborah

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Ah, we is so glad dat you had a good, safe trip an made it back home ta set Stiggie free! Sounds like lots ta see an smell on your holiday...such an oberload a newness! We bets your Mummy an Daddy enjoyed getting away an your Mummy especially not habin ta cook! I say I could eat chickie 7 days a week, but dat are jus me. Humans likes ta hab a variety fer some strange reason... We been habin a couple a days a nice weader but now we're headed back inta da hot, humid stuff an Mommy says enuf already, where's fall??? Enjoy your week an we'll be all ears ta hear what udder adventures you gets into.
Lub you all lots an lots,
Bestest friend, Emmie Sue (Drew's Girl), Mommy, an Angel Kelsie XXXXXXXXXXXX

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Sep 08, 2021 at 23:24
• Sandi

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sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip, glad that you are back home and safe.

sandi and presley, buster and robin at the bridge

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