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April 23 at 22:45
Vitiman C

Some months ago...I posted that Bailey had problems with beard staining. The stains were extensive...between eyes...etc. I have switched to distilled water and a tablet of (time released) vitimin C (300 mg) per day. Bailey is 16 pounds. It does seem to be working. The fur under his chin is pure white. There is no staining between his eyes. Is there any reason why I shouldn't continue the dosage of vitimin C ?????? I also give him one tablet of Brewer's Yeast. Thanks....Jane and Bailey

The Oregon Girlies...
Member PageMember Page April 24 at 00:43
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Did someone give you a good reason why you should stop giving vitamin C to him? I have been giving it to my Girlies since I got them, I gave it to our dogs before. It has very good antioxident properties. My dogs have never had ear infections or urinary tract infections. It is good for other things besides beard staining, including joints, skin and the immune system.
You are wise to use the canine formula because the regular kind passes right through without doing much good at all.
xxxBetty and the Girlies...

Member PageMember Page April 24 at 01:25
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I would only recommend regular vitamin c tabs and not the time release tabs. Especially if you are giving a human form of vitamin c. A humans gut is much longer than your furbaby's gut so he/she wouldn't be getting the full dose as things pass thru much faster than ours.

Did you know that a dog actually produces their own vitamin c?
Elliot's Kay
Member PageMember Page April 24 at 11:31
Re: Vitiman C Reply to this Message

There are both pro's and con's to giving dogs Vitamin C. Some say it's good for them (including my Vet - but then I home cook for him) and others say it shortens their life. Tests have been done on unhealthy dogs that prove adding Vitamin C does improve their life and research done to prove it does harm in healthy dogs.

I've given Elliot Vitamin C (500mg/day - time released) for about a year as his Vet said it was good for him and I didn't want him having a rust colored beard. After more research into it, I've decided not to give him added Vitamin C just for MY vanity (wanting him to have an unstained beard) if there is a chance of it harming him. As humans we expel extra Vitamin C but evidently Dogs don't.

Regarding beard stains: Elliot's breeder said he'd be prone to discoloration of his beard beneath the fang teeth. That's all I've ever seen on him whether or not he's taking Vitamin C. It's just a small section of hair and I just clip it off so it doesn't show. Taking the Vitamin C never did make that white. Now, without the Vitamin C, Elliot's beard looks the same.

Here are a couple articles you might want to read to get you started on the subject of whether or not to give Bailey Vitamin C.

Pro: http://www.ighawaii.com/naturally/newsletter/lpvc.html


Member PageMember Page April 24 at 16:17
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I don't give Vitamin C tablets to Cutey; but I will share with him when I eat orange. I will give him several tiny pieces each time and he really enjoys. He doesn't have crusty stain around his mouth. I don't know if the orange helps or not.

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page April 24 at 16:44
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Carmine, Jesse's mum was trying to reach you the other day regarding the pumice stone...

Member PageMember Page April 24 at 18:09
Re: Vitiman C Reply to this Message

Thank you for your concern. I contacted Jesse's mum yesterday. I didn't realize that I hadn't changed my email address in Cutey's profile and caused the inconvenience. I have my email updated now.
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