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Maybe Going Away Minus The Minkies !! Reply to this Message
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Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page May 27 at 11:04
Maybe Going Away Minus The Minkies !!

I've been asked to travel to Italy next month for work for three nights.....my immediate response was no but then it's all paid.....hhmmmm....
However, I've thought about it and there's a local service that will petsit at my house (which I'm unsure about) BUT they also have carers that keep the pets at their own homes.
There is one in my town which is great. An elderly couple that have no dogs of their own AND they only take one job at a time so they would only have the Minkies. They will walk them and they have a garden too. I get to meet them first with the girls and the agency meets the Minkies too to find out all their little habits and needs, etc.....
What do you think ?
The company will pay so that's not an issue but this seemed the happiest solution...

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