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May 31 at 17:15
House Training

I"ve been trying to train taz to go outside in the bushes but he won't because he's afraid of the big dog that my neighbors has chained to the fence. What should I do? Do you think I should ask the people behind me to move the poor dog or call someone about him if they don't. I personly think it's wrong for people to chain a dog out like that for days. They never pay attention to the poor dog to. I'm concern for my taz and him. I want taz to be safe and be house train.


Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page May 31 at 18:17
Re: House Training Reply to this Message

That's a tricky one.....can you get Taz right over another side of the garden or do you have an enclosed front garden ?
I hate seeing that too....if they are not feeding him and leaving him out in all weathers I'd report them.
Elliot's Kay
Member PageMember Page May 31 at 19:27
Re: House Training Reply to this Message

Sadly many folks chain their dogs outside alone all day. As long as there is water available and if you know for sure that the dog gets to eat daily, then there isn't much you can do for the neighbor's dog. Our neighbors leave their dogs chained outside all day during nice weather. I've only seen them play with their dogs a dozen times during the year they've lived here. Around here it rains 8 months out of each year so that just leaves 4 months for their dogs to be outside. The rest of the time they are shut up in the garage. I feel sooooo sorry for them.

All Taz needs is a clump of grass to go potty on. He doesn't need to go 'out into the bushes'. If you don't want Poop in your yard, then pick it up!!!!! LOL I pick Elliot's up either right after he goes (when it's not raining) or daily. Makes for a nicer yard, cleaner dog and it's much healthier for Elliot to be in a yard without a bunch of poop to walk or lay in. Surely you have a section of yard that doesn't meet with the neighbors area where they keep their dog chained.

Another suggestion as far as the neighbors dog goes....
Have Taz meet him sometime when your neighbors are there to help control their dog. If it's a friendly dog, then Taz will see there isn't anything to be afraid of. If not, then it's not good to introduce them!
Member PageMember Page June 10 at 10:42
Re: House Training Reply to this Message

I agree with Kay...
Great advice.
There must be another section of the yard away from the other dog.
Good luck...

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