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Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message
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Cutey's mom
Member PageMember Page June 02 at 21:08
Blood or skin test?

Cutey goes to see a new vet today for annual vaccination. He is nice guy, answer alot of questions in details. We are happy w/ him so far. Cutey has another appointment w/ him tomorrow for teeth cleaning.

I ask the vet about Cutey's allergy. He suggests a blood test. It will be sent to and tested by the Spectrum Labs, Inc. in the States. They have a hyposensitization program. Treatment sets are formulated for the pet based on its allergy test results. Have any one heard of it?

The vet gives us another alternative, i.e. skin test. It must be done by an animal dermatologist.

The blood test costs CDN$420 (approx. US$310) while skin test will be about the same. Which test should I go first? The vet lets me make the decision. I need your great opinion.

Thank you for any response.


Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page June 03 at 03:02
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

Not had any experience of the tests, I'm afraid...
I am very surprised he needs teeth cleaned at his age though. You should question that or else review what you're feeding him.
Good luck.
June 03 at 08:58
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

we had the skin test done on our westie it was very good you are able to check off a list of possible allergies such as dust mite and oak trees!! he shaves the dogs side by his ribs and injects about 30 small injections under the skin giving each a number. You wait 15-20 mins and hey pesto bumps appear if the dog is allergic to that item. Our dog did not react to any but i think it was well worth it because we have now narrowed down our quest to discover his skin problems if one or two etc results are postive ie big bumps then yes you can have shots to help the allegic reaction I think go for this as it is a reactive test for your dog It is though hard to watch being done the do give the dog a sedative and he looks funny for a while with his shaved side!!
MacKenzie's & Skyler's Mum
June 03 at 20:44
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

MacKenzie had the skin testing done in December. The Dermatologist/vet told me that blood tests cannot be done to include food allergies. The skin testing is not painful, MacKenzie was given mild sedation, and recovered quickly. She had several positives, and she receives desensitization injections, which are now done weekly. She is doing much better since she started the injections and also some products which kill the dust mites, and control dust. She is also treated w/ a topical steroid which is sprayed on, but is not absorbed systemically! New product which our vet introduced us to.

I think whichever test your vet recommends should be the one you have done. He/She should know which will give the more accurate result for possible antigens.

Good luck!
June 04 at 16:59
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

Dublin had the skin testing and did great. We got a list of the things she is allergic to and she has been on allergy shots since. She had to be sedated and her side was shaved, but all turned out okay. I would think the skin test would show more results than the blood test and you will probably have to have the skin tests done after the blood tests too.
Member PageMember Page June 10 at 10:26
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

We just had the skin test done on a Scottie Rescue - well worth the money to find out right away what the allergen is so you can start treatment immediately. You could spend MONTHS trying to determine if it's a food allergy when it may be dust mites, trees, etc....I vote for you do the skin tests.

Member PageMember Page June 10 at 10:46
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

With my firt Westie, I took her to a great animal dermotologist.
He did a skin test on her.
It really showed all that she was allergic to.
Best to have the test done--don't try to guess what the allergies could be, while you are guessing it could get worse.

Good luck...
Once you know what it is, you can start right away helping her...

June 10 at 23:49
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

Hannah & Kelsi both had skin allergy testing, it cost me here in Australia $871. Then the vaccine for desensitizing varied from $176 to $227 per dog for 30 weeks.
June 10 at 23:51
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

Kelsi is not quite 4 and she had to have her teeth cleaned at a cost of $444. She started the allergy testing first, but they said it didn't matter if she did go in for teeth cleaning once she started on the vaccine. So I did both.
Maisie MaeWest the Essex Girl
Member PageMember Page June 11 at 15:18
Re: Blood or skin test? Reply to this Message

I had blood tests done _ two of them! the first one is to find out possible allergens- and the second to confirm and check- found out a lot about what affected me and am on allergen shots -once a month- now,- they start off with small doses until they have built up to maximum dose.
Has worked wonders now - no more itching or scratching,
I reckon that whatever type, go along with Vets reccomendation though!
Love Maisie XX
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