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Rembrandt and Mommy Diane
Member PageMember Page June 10 at 22:09
Breeding Question

I was considering breeding Rembrandt to a friend's lovely female Westie, but when I took him to the groomer's, she told me definitely not to; that he would start marking his territory all over the house, become aggressive (moreso) and all in all that putting a male to stud would make him a horroble pet. Can someone tell me if this is a good or bad idea and what has happened to you??

MacMan and Ann
June 11 at 20:00
Re: Breeding Question Reply to this Message

I have had 2 dogs who were used for breeding over the years. It did not make a bit of difference in their behavior or personalities. One was an Australian shepherd, the other was my Westie, MacMan. MacMan did hump the cat a few times the first day after. That was it.

September 03 at 15:35
Re: Breeding Question Reply to this Message

I had a poodle years ago (in the 80's) that we bred. He was no problem,except for trying to be amorous with our son's white rabbit. That happened only once...Jellybeans was an eleven pound male rabbit...Buttons was 17 pounds.
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