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Need Home Cooking Tips! Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page July 05 at 13:12
Need Home Cooking Tips!

Hi all....I've finally decided to start doing some home cooking to add to my pup's current dry food. I did research on the internet and of course, lots of information there (too much!). What I need to know is, how I can do it simply, as I work full time, have 4 dogs, and barely have time to cook for my husband! So it's got to be simple. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

The Oregon Girlies...
Member PageMember Page July 05 at 17:55
Re: Need Home Cooking Tips! Reply to this Message

Sherrie, Make a lot when you have time and freeze it. For instance I will boil a chicken, skin, bone and chop it, cover it with broth and keep it in the fridge. I cook the rice separately, and store it separately too. Then at mealtime I warm what they will eat in the microwave, add whatever vegetable we're having, 1/3 chicken, rice and veggie. Mix half and half with their kibble. You can use whatever meat you want as long as they aren't allergic. I sometimes use canned salmon, they love it. The variations are endless. Your doggies will love you for it.
Good Luck.
xxxBetty and the Girlies...
Member PageMember Page July 13 at 22:58
Re: Need Home Cooking Tips! Reply to this Message

I got some great advice from Betty when I first started home cooking for my Katie.
I will make roast beef, ground beef or boiled chicken and cut it up and freeze it all. Individually, of course.
Also I give veggies and sometimes some pasta or rice.
What ever I choose to use, it is mixed with Katie's dog food and heated. Same amounts as Betty says. Katie is a little eater and will only eat at dinner time. Believe it or not, she sometimes actually leaves some food in the bowl!

I love to make her homemade cookies and frozen treats. I make a bunch and freeze them.

Katie has her own section in the freezer!!
The homemade treats are good, because they are all good healthy ingredients, and you know what she is eating.

Have fun cooking for little kids! It is very rewarding and the kids love it...


"Right!! hee hee--Katie xxoo yum yum yum yum yum...
Daisy and Petunia's Mom-Carole
Member PageMember Page October 03 at 02:59
Re: Need Home Cooking Tips! Reply to this Message

click on westie diet.
This is tried and true.
Will help fortify and stop the itchies! DRUG FREE! $$SAVED$$
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