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CPCRN's Bonnie's Belly Bands are famous Reply to this Message
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August 24 at 13:04
CPCRN's Bonnie's Belly Bands are famous

Have to share this.. I'm very happy for Bonnie.

From Michelle CPCRN Board of Directors:
I subscribe to a wonderful monthly periodical entitled "Your Dog", which is
published by the Tufts University Veterinary College. Its articles cover everything from medical conditions and problems to behavioral issues and product testing and evaluations, and they are all very interesting and informative. In fact, I have them saved and catalogued here should anyone need an answer on something they have written about.

This month's edition arrived yesterday, and I was eager to read the article about bringing a rescue dog into your home. It's well worth the read, and I intend to point new owners to it for insight and support.

But imagine my SURPRISE AND DELIGHT when I found our CPCRN website address for Bonnie's Belly Bands listed as a recommended place to obtain them!!!!
The article was discussing marking behaviors as being common when rescues arrive home, and advises the use of belly bands, notes that they're
available online, and lists two web URL's where they can be purchased....one of which is OURS!

I don't know where they got the information, but I was thrilled to see it there! Clearly, they searched the web to find places to obtain B-Bands, and must have thought Bonnie's were worthy of listing. You BET they are!!!!!!!

Bonnies Belly Bands

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page August 24 at 16:44
Re: CPCRN's Bonnie's Belly Bands are famous Reply to this Message

That was great you all got a mention..
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