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Does anybody B.A.R.F.? Reply to this Message
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October 18 at 19:24
Does anybody B.A.R.F.?

I am seriously considering the BARF diet for my westie. Has anyone had success or failure with this diet? And if so please be specific.

Member PageMember Page October 20 at 19:51
Re: Does anybody B.A.R.F.? Reply to this Message

I know lots of westie owners who swear by it. I haven't tried it because my dogs nad I travel, and we have to have a food which can go on the road and is readily available in all the podunkvilles we visit.
Member PageMember Page October 20 at 20:21
Re: Does anybody B.A.R.F.? Reply to this Message

I barf all the time! tee he hee!!!! Oh, I am so funny sometimes!

My Mom has a problem with the idea of salmon 'nilla germs all over the house so I get meat that has been 3/4th the way cooked and raw bones along with my cooked rice and Raw Veggies. Also the recommended vitamins and oils. Happy medium as far as the BARF diet is concerned.

Here is a good site that answers questions about the BARF diet. If you are interested in learning more about Home Cooked meals for your Westie, email Mom and she'll send you something she wrote up on the subject - with the help of her Vet. Well, I guess he is MY Vet and not hers!

Cathy and Thistle
Member PageMember Page October 22 at 19:41
Re: Does anybody B.A.R.F.? Reply to this Message

Yes we feed barf, we also do some cooked. We do raw ground turkey, chicken, goose, duck, lamb, rabbit. very little beef only beef bones every day raw of course. We have fed Barf to our first westie and now Thistle
we do also do cooked, such as stews with heart kidney liver etc and lots of vegetables and rice, then we add raw and some cooled together at times. We find it very easy to feed this way as the cooked i do huge amounts and freeze it, I also make our own dog cookies and treats. There are some very good web sites to do research and you will find what suits you best. good luck
Member PageMember Page November 09 at 16:52
Re: Does anybody B.A.R.F.? Reply to this Message

I tried the barf diet on my two and they liked it at first. I made some ahead and froze it and that is when Chloe decided she didn't like it. It had to be fresh that day she wasn't going for it defrosted. Oh well, she isn't too spoiled. I do alot of cooked and add it to their kibble now and they seem to be doing well.
Jeanette, Chloe and Percy
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