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Managing Chronic Kidney Disease Reply to this Message
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Managing Chronic Kidney Disease

Maggie and Brodie’s 14 year old Yorkie sister, Katie, was just diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, as well as a bladder infection. The internal med. Vet specialist has her on antibiotics and he is hopeful that her kidney function may improve once the bladder infection subsides. I know this condition is ultimately fatal, and have had to get over the awful shock of all this. I have read that some dogs, with proper diet, medication, and hydration therapy, go on to live months and even years with kidney disease. I would love to hear from anyone who has/is managing with a dog with kidney disease. My main problem right now is that Katie’s appetite is off, with the medications she is on. She needs to gain weight, but although she does seem interested in food, she won’t eat enough to put any weight on. Any tips, suggestions, homeopathic options, anything, I would be most grateful for.

Lynda and the Minkies
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Re: Managing Chronic Kidney Disease Reply to this Message

I know nothing about it, Sherrie, but I wish you both all the very best.
January 05 at 20:21
Re: Managing Chronic Kidney Disease Reply to this Message


very sorry to hear the bad news.
Our Bonnie too endured kidney failure at the last stages of bladder cancer. The one thing that helped enormously was the hydration therapy. Minutes after, she was bouncing around.
Now here was the problem, we had to do it 3 times a day and giving her the IV fluids just about sent me over the edge. After a day or two I just couldn't do it any more, our vet was just marvelous, since we lived nearby we would run over there 3 times a day. BUT that got nerve wracking too so she (our vet) suggested the most wonderful device. It was a small catheter permanently inserted in the back of neck under the skin. You just flipped open the top of the tube and administered the fluids. She never felt a thing, we used to sit on the hammock together and give her her fluids. I can't remember the name of the device but check with your vet. It certainly helped make her last months happier.

Good luck to you and a kiss to Katie
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Re: Managing Chronic Kidney Disease Reply to this Message


My pup Snoops had kidney disease during his last days. We had to do the hydration therapy 3/4 times a week. It did help him feel better but it is hard on the human. After awhile we managed to get through it by sitting on the bed and I massaged him while the fluids were going in. It was a great bonding experience. I have a friend who is very big on homeopathic remedies .. if you would like I could get some suggestions from her. I do know that they make special foods low on phosphates (I think that is the kind) which help with the kidneys. You might want to look into this ...

hugs to both you and Katie,
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