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Theo and Casey
Member PageMember Page April 07 at 11:11

Crossposting from Westie-l

Blastomycosis - Potentially Fatal

About Blastomycosis (Blasto): Blastomycosis is a fungal infection. Blasto fungus occur in the environment most often in areas with soils rich in organic material (pond banks, lakeshores, etc). Blasto spores may be released into the air by local wildlife, and are subsequently inhaled by a dog (and often, a human too). Once in the lungs Blasto spores become infective organism and multiply rapidly. At this point, a healthy dog's immune system may fight off the infection and that will be the end of it.

Signs of Infection:
The length of time between infection and outward signs can vary from a few days to several weeks, making it nearly impossible to establish a link between time of infection and location of infectious spores.

a.. Deep cough
b.. Abscess of the skin
c.. Sudden blindness
d.. Blood in the urine
Less obvious symptoms:
a.. Fever of 104 degrees or higher
b.. Loss of appetite
c.. Lethargy
d.. Intolerance for activity

Blastomycosis symptoms mirror many other diseases and is often mis-diagnosed. Infectious organisms must be located and examined for appropriate diagnosis. In cases where a skin lesion is present, a microscope slide compromised of a tissue sample will show the destructive organisms. If no lesions are present needle aspirations of the lungs may be needed, although a
veterinarian may start a treatment course for suspected Blasto before positive diagnosis can be made.

Available Treatments:
Oral antifungal medications, Sporanox and Diflucan administered over a long period of time (typically three to six months) will have your dog back on his feet again, but will not undo any long-term effects of Blasto, such as spinal or bone damage, or blindness.
~ Written by Krista Mifflin Dog Archives

The Oregon Girlies...
Member PageMember Page April 07 at 12:36
Re: Blastomycosis Reply to this Message

Very interesting reading, and something to keep in mind. Thanks for posting Theo.
xxxBetty and the Girlies...
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page April 07 at 13:43
Re: Blastomycosis Reply to this Message

That's a new one. I'd never heard of that.
Petey and the Wigglebutts
Member PageMember Page April 07 at 17:36
Re: Blastomycosis Reply to this Message

I think a westie that I pulled and fostered had this...Casey. It was missed diagnosed but finally got it figured out and as far as I know...is over it. His brother Murrfy is a member of the TC but not Casey.
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