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Those @#$%$#@$% Burdocks! Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page July 08 at 11:59
Those @#$%$#@$% Burdocks!

I have a talent for finding them -- and they drive me wild!!! I mean just crazeeeeeeee! So Mom found a way to get them out without much effort on her part -- or mine.

1. Go to your cupboard and get a big gob of peanut butter -- the biggerer the better.

2. Spread it on the burdock, and around it, just for good measure.

The peanut butter helps to lubricate the area and makes getting those #%^%$#%^%$ things out much easier! Just massage and say soothing things and soon the #$%^%$#$%^%$ burdock will be gone!

Bonus: If you can reach it, you get to lick up the left-over peanut butter.

Your pal,

P.S. Do NOT do this if you have a peanut allergy -- obviously! Olive oil will work just as well. You can follow up with some additioonal ingrediaents and have a lovely bruschetta moment! You're recovering from the #$%^%$# burdock incident in style and taste!

FGM and Rags
July 08 at 13:29
Re: Those @#$%$#@$% Burdocks! Reply to this Message

This would have made a good column for the paper from a dog's point of view. Informative and witty! Just for fun, send it to the editor and see if you get a reply.
Sparkle kisses
FGM and Rags
Theo and Casey
Member PageMember Page July 17 at 21:17
Re: Those @#$%$#@$% Burdocks! Reply to this Message

Hehehe We have 'em here too grrrr but I just spray a little water on them and they come out pretty easy. Your idea sounds like much more fun but I don't think peanut butter comes in big enough jars for our needs LOL.

hugs, Theo and Casey xox
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