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Member PageMember Page August 15 at 19:26
CMO- Cure?

We found that giving Max 5 drops of Metacam (non steroidal anti-inflamatory) on a day that he is lethargic and sleepy is preventing the terrible bouts of inflammation and pain that plagued him thoughout his puppyhood. He used to get sleepy for one or two days, and then the swelling and inflammation would start, and last about a week. He had these "episodes" every couple of weeks. He is now 7 months old, and has had no outbreaks since June, now that we have discovered Metacam. The swelling under his jaw appears to have receeded too. We have a bouncy, playful pup back again. If your dog has CMO, and seems to give an indication that he is about to have an attack, ask your vet about using metacam as a preventative.

Member PageMember Page August 16 at 00:05
Re: CMO- Cure? Reply to this Message

Wonderful news about Max, I'm so happy he is getting through this, it must be terribly hard on you watching him when he is in pain. I hope this is indicating that he's almost over it. It sounds like you are using the Metacam wisely.
All the best to you and Maxwell,
hugs, Theo and Casey xoxox
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page August 16 at 02:34
Re: CMO- Cure? Reply to this Message

I've used it with tremendous results when Sparky had a touch of arthritis. However, I don't think you are to use it for too long...pleased to hear it's helping him, though.
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