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Cranberry Extract Questions Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page November 27 at 19:34
Cranberry Extract Questions

I would like to start my girls on cranberry extract to help prevent UTIs. I need to find a formula that comes in capsule or pill form, as they eat dry food so it makes it easier to give to them. Does anyone use a brand or type they can recommend? Also, must we use a formula specifically for dogs, or can dogs consume human cranberry extract? Thanks for any help on this.

Sherrie, Maggie and Brodie

December 01 at 22:57
Re: Cranberry Extract Questions Reply to this Message

I use a Holistic vet most of the time with the "sisters"
She told me to go to the store and get Cranberry gel pills for the girls and give one a day with something that they can take it right down like cheese.
The ones I use are 1680 mg.with c softgels. by Nature's Bounty.

December 02 at 10:49
forgot Reply to this Message

on the label it reads,
Natural Herb
Fruit 1680 mg.
Vitamin C
Member PageMember Page December 01 at 23:22
Re: Cranberry Extract Questions Reply to this Message

Usually I put green beans or pumpkin in with my dogs kibble..but today I picked up teh wrong can.. and ended up opening up chunky cranberry sauce... so I gave Duncan a nibble.. he liked it.. and so I mixed the can in for everyone.. they ate every little bit

you might try it a few times a week
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