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teething at 8 months? Reply to this Message

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Mister Beasley
Member PageMember Page March 08 at 20:22
teething at 8 months? Vote for this post

I wonder how long Westie pups teeth. My Mister Beasley chews really hard bones. He likes that. But he lost what looks like a baby tooth from the side of his mouth. It was bloody but no roots. Do baby teeth have roots? He is 8 months old, and the vet said a few months ago that two baby teeth were still in there and then when he looked again he said they were gone. What I want to know is..are these big dog teeth? Maybe I should not let him chew this stuff. Opinions please! Thanks so much

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page March 09 at 02:30
Re: teething at 8 months? Vote for this post Reply to this Message

They're probably the final baby teeth. Keep an eye on him. If he loses anymore then see the vet, but bones strengthen their teeth.
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