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Ellen & Phoebe
Member PageMember Page June 21 at 11:24
Itchies! Vote for this post

Hello, all! I'm hoping to get some opinions on how to best take care of Phoebe's itchies. I know there are a few existing threads on this topic, but I thought I'd give it a fresh go for updates and new ideas.

Phoebe itches at her muzzle and licks and chews her paws. She doesn't seem to be rubbing the skin raw or getting hot spots, but she scratches pretty hard! Sometimes she'll take her whole leg in her mouth and gnaw on it.

Apparently Phoebe didn't have these problems when she lived with Carol, so we're thinking we might have some different pollen, spores, or dust in the air here.

So far, I've been giving her fish oil (1000 mg) and evening primrose oil (500 mg) each day with her food (Nutro Lamb & Rice, same as Carol fed). She also gets 1 tsp of Missing Link per day.

I've been thinking of using apple cider vinegar on her legs and paws, but wondered what concentration to use, and how to apply it. Any other ideas?


Member PageMember Page June 21 at 13:32
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Hello Ellen,

It sounds like you are doing all the right things... and yes, I would be tempted to try the cider vinegar. Something I wondered is if Phoebe has been scratching like this for awhile, or has it been more noticeable after grooming? Dexter only scratches at his muzzle and licks his feet after a trip to the groomer. She often clips away the dark hair that comes in by the fold of skin on the lower jaw, and of course, clips out the hair between his pads. Usually the itching eases after a few days. Fancy sometimes has seasonal allergies, and has needed meds from the vet to ease the symptoms.

Good luck treating Phoebe's itchies.

Teresa, Dex and Fancy
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page June 21 at 13:51
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Fran swears by that apple cider vinegar so I'm sure she'll let you have the measures.
Member PageMember Page June 21 at 16:01
Re: Itchies! Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Other causes .... allergies, Max has chewed at his feet during the fall and the spring in the past; anyone using lawn products/chemicals? chlorine? laundry detergent? fabric softener? Stuff to think about. Fran swears by cider vinegar, some people use Gold Bond powder, evening primrose caplets. Good luck and keep us posted! xxxMarianne and Maxxx
Skipper's Kay
Member PageMember Page June 21 at 17:59
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Mix the Cider Vinegar & water in equal amounts then apply to the itchy areas. I use that on Minnie (Shih-tzu) as a rinse after her bath. I rub it into her skin then rinse off with water. She has airborn allergies which cause her to become an oil slick within 2 days after her bath. This helps with her smell and the oilyness. Try to keep it awaty from their head and private parts.

On Skipper and Elliot I've used it on their paws for when they have trouble with mold spore allergies during rainy seasons. Clears them right up. It's almost like a wonder drug!!!! LOL
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