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Member PageMember Page October 04 at 01:43
New Canine Influenza Vote for this post

I took Cedric to the vet for an introduction and he copied a report he got from the Ontario Veterinary Medicine Association... apparently it is not as serious as the press are building it to be. I have copied part of it here so you know what to watch for.

Dated September 27, 2005
A quote from a vet from the University: "There are probably a lot of other things I am concerned about transmitting through the dog population"

In the report, under Clinical signs....

Since this is a new pathogen in dogs, there is currently no natural immunity present in the unexposed canine population. Almost all exposed dogs will become infected, and nearly 80% will have clinical signs, though most will have a mild form of the disease.
While it may be difficult to differentiate canine influenza virus from traditional kennel cough for an individual dog, the situation in groups of dogs is more distinct. Infection rates in kennels may reach 100% with clinical signs in 75% of the dogs. The incubation period is 2 to 5 days and dogs may shed virus for 7 to 10 days.

In the mild form:
1. A cough that persists for 10 to 21 days, the cough may be soft and moist or dry
2. Nasal discharge and a low grade fever, due to secondary bacterial infection

In the severe form with pneumonia:
3. A high fever (104 - 106f / 39.5 - 41.5C)
4. Respiratory difficulties
5. X-rays may show consolidation (I'm not sure what this is, perhaps shadowing on lungs?)

In the report, under Treatment:
The disease has I high morbidity and very low mortaliy rate. In the American cases, clinical signs did not resolve with antimicrobial treatment, but more than 90% of affected dogs recovered over two to six weeks.

Mild form: the nasal discharge responds to broad spectrum antibiotics

Severe form: Broad-spectrum antibiotics and supportive care, including intravenous hydration.

Hope this is helpful to ease some of your worries.

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page October 04 at 04:19
Re: New Canine Influenza Vote for this post Reply to this Message

It's good that most are getting over it.
Member PageMember Page October 29 at 11:24
Re: New Canine Influenza Vote for this post Reply to this Message

I found a local news story about this dog flu and I am worried for my dogs.

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