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The Uses For Rescue Remedy Reply to this Message

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Cathy and Thistle
Member PageMember Page November 19 at 09:51
The Uses For Rescue Remedy Vote for this post

Many use Rescue for everything, not so, only does it work for certain things.
Adrienne my daughter is trained in Bach, as well as studying for Doctor of Homeopathy. A lot of remedies don't work through being used incorrectly. She is posting this one.
Rescue Remedy is for immediate shock and trauma. Nothing else.
When she burned herself, used it immediately, internally or externally, we use the liquid, if you cut yourself, if a pup hurts themselves and is in shock, a sudden trauma is the only way to describe. A dog bite, give it to the dog, and put it on the bite. But do this at once.
Other than this you will get limited success with it. Hope that helps everyone.

Annie & E Gang
Member PageMember Page November 22 at 17:48
Re: The Uses For Rescue Remedy Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Thank you Cathy,A Lady I once knew used to use it when she was worried or stressed..Not sure if it ever helped her she said it did although she did used to make mountains out of molehills with a lot of things !! and not help herself in many ways.
Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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