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January 08 at 19:25
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HELP! We are confused on how to potty train our pup. Sammy is three months old and when we got him (dec.22) we put him in a small area of the kitchen approx 3 x 3 gated in and his crate is open, he uses it as his bed and outside of his crate is his water and papers for potty. Then people started telling us to crate train. we tried it for approx a week things were going well but after his first vet visit the vet said not to crate train him because it was cruel to keep a pup in a crate and we should give him free roam of the kitchen when we were home. So Sammy is gated in that little area again when we are not home and at night. Since then Sammy has had more accidents than ever. He seems to like certain spots in the kitchen and not going on his paper all the time. We talked about going back to crate training but the problem is that he has to be left during the day for more than 3 hrs at a time and getting up in the middle of the night is troublesome because my husband gets up and he has to go to work at 5 am so help! i dont want to confuse the poor little guy. i

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Nancy and the barkin' boys
January 08 at 20:46
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very helpful website:


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Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page January 09 at 02:12
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I'd personally stick with the paper training but then I disagree with crates altogether. It will take a while either way-he's only a tiny baby right now.

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