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Member PageMember Page Oct 11, 2007 at 02:48
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This is Ziggy's mom. Does anyone else have a dog that still sucks? Ziggy sucks on his sleeping pillow and will suck on his toys. He kneads his paws into whatever he's sucking on also. Does anyone have a dog that does this also? Does anyone know why? Can this be harmful?

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E Gang
Member PageMember Page Oct 14, 2007 at 15:43
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Our Emma the border collie has done this to the duvet at night sometimes and the kneading ..she sort of goes into a trance when doing it,we put it down to her being the runt of the litter..she is 7 years old now though Bless her!..I think the kneading with their paws is part of what they do when they try to get to suckle on a teat from their mums,In Emmas case she was the most deprived..We took her at 7 weeks ols other wise she would never have survived the terrible owner that had her...Another story there!!..anyway I do not think it does any harm and I let her do it..I think it seems to comfort her.Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxx

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