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Bill Shoffner (Rad Dad)
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Dec 31, 2009 at 15:59
Westie Rescue - nationwide info Vote for this post

Westie Rescue of the
Mid-Atlantic States Inc.


P. O. Box 342, Dunn Loring, VA 22027


I want to pass along some info to anyone who needs to get in touch with Westie Rescue....in any state!
Go to www.westierescue.com
This site serves the whole nation. Westies in trouble, adoptable Westies, volunteers who want to help, donations, etc can all be accessed from that site. Simply use the drop down box on the left to find the state and send a message to the person listed there. Only key people's names are listed but rest assured that your message will be forwarded to the right person quickly..

One site does it all! I'm sure there are similar sites for other breeds, too, but we only do Westies...and Westie mixes. If it barks like a Westie and looks like a Westie, then we'll take it.

Medical care, grooming, fostering and re-homing; we do it all. Our biggest hurdle is transportation, with a capital T. If you want to volunteer to transport, foster, etc then by all means go to our site and fill out an application to help.

No Westie left behind; adopt one today!
Bill Shoffner


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