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Western west Highland white rescue Reply to this Message

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Dec 27, 2017 at 15:02
• Linda
(New York)

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Western west Highland white rescue Vote for this post

I joined a westie rescue group in September, named Western Pa. westie rescue. So far I have fostered 2 dogs, adopted one. Unfortunately, the adopted dog passed from cancer of the colon two weeks after adoption. Tomorrow, I am going across state to pick up another westie to foster. If someone in the group knows of someone that is interested in adopting a westie in the Western pa. Area, you could contact me. I will post pictures when he comes to my home.

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Beverly Carter
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Feb 06, 2021 at 22:44
• Beverly
(New Jersey)

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Linda if I were closer I would Rescue in a heatbeat. This covid thing is really putting leashes on US. I am willing to Foster a Westie or Cairn is someone is in the South Jersey or New Jersey area. 
Right now with all my experience and oodles of love, it would be horrible for any Westie to not have an inbetween place to hang out and wait for his forever home. 
My husband Gus and I have just the amount of space and outdoors and fenced in secure and go everywhere with the Westie so please remember me 

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