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Eileen A. Czablewski
Member PageMember Page June 22 at 21:32
Cairn Rescue USA needs Foster Homes

Cairn Rescue USA ISO Foster Homes

As summer gets underway, it seems to be a sad fact that the number of dogs coming into rescue increases. There are many reasons for this - dogs are outside more and more likely to escape from their yard, dogs get lost while traveling with their owners on vacation, people who have been debating as to whether or not to give up their pet decide to do so prior to going on vacation,...

We have already noticed a significant increase in intakes, so in response to this and in anticipation of even more intakes in the weeks to come, Cairn Rescue USA is launching an appeal for foster homes. Fostering a cairn can certainly be a challenge, but it can also be very rewarding, as those who have fostered can attest.

If fostering is something you think you might like to try, please go to http://www.cairnrescueusa.com/volunteer/frm_foster.htm for further information, including a testimonial from one of our foster homes, and to take a look at (and hopefully submit!) one of our foster home applications. Filling out an application does not commit you to fostering a dog, it simply adds you to the pool of volunteers we will contact when we're looking for a foster home. It is absolutely OK to say no at any time, no questions asked.

As a foster home for Cairn Rescue USA, you will have input into the placement of your foster dog. If we get an application that requests the dog that you're fostering or one that looks like a good match for your foster dog, Jodi James, our Placement Advisor, may contact you for more information. We also make a table available with information about our applications, and ask you to let us know if you see one you think would be a good match. As an application moves along, foster home input is an integral part of the process. Once a reference check and home visit are successfully completed, we put you in touch with the applicant, and your impression of the home is considered by our Placement Committee and the Board in making the final placement decision.

This December, members who have fostered a dog for us in the past year will also be eligible to nominate and vote for a foster home representative to our Board, giving foster homes an official voice in the administration of Cairn Rescue USA. For more information on how to become a member of Cairn Rescue USA, please see http://www.cairnrescueusa.com/frm_member.htm. Even if you're not able to foster, volunteers are always needed and welcomed - http://www.cairnrescueusa.com/volunteer/index.htm.

Finally, if you've been thinking about talking to that friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker about fostering, this would be the time to follow through. I will be more than happy to answer any questions anyone might have about fostering. I think anyone who has had the experience of fostering would recommend it highly.

Katie McDonough, President
Cairn Rescue USA

Eileen A. Czablewski
Member PageMember Page June 22 at 21:34
Re: Cairn Rescue USA needs Foster Homes Reply to this Message

Eileen Czablewski
Member PageMember Page June 23 at 09:57
Re: Cairn Rescue USA needs Foster Homes Reply to this Message

here is the url

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