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Stewie and Dudley

Who would've thunk I would be having more problems with Stewie than Dudley. I guess Stewie is just being his usual jealous self though. If I have Dudley on my lap he has to jump up too or if Dudley is sleeping he has to bother him. Good thing they are both easy going because Dudley will usually ignore him. Sometimes they spar a bit but no nastiness yet thank god.
Dudley doesn't seem to like eating breakfast so he has been getting one meal a day which is good because if we left him with any food Stewie would eat it out of his dish. But he is eating well enough and he doesn't seem to be moving quite as stiffly as he was when we got him which I guess is what happens when you stop sleeping on concrete. He is going to be getting some arthritis vitamins soon so hopefully that will help even more. He is so sweet though and will curl up to sleep right on your lap if you let him. For all my husband was skeptical about getting him now he just loves him. He loves when you are getting ready to take him out he gets so excited he keeps turning in circles until you can get his leash on. As usual I wind up knowing best :)

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Whoops posted to wrong board!
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