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Col Potter needs foster homes now!!! Reply to this Message
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Col Potter needs foster homes now!!!

Sharing a note from Aly, CPCRN Director for Intakes

Hi Everyone:
Three more cairns were released to CP yesterday from another mill, so we are up to 9 in MO that we need foster homes for. Yiich!! Plus we have a couple of owner surrenders that we need to take care of in the next few

Willow -8 months Female(vision problem pup) - Darlene
> Sage - 3-year-old (wheaten) - Foster home Needed
> Tansy - 5-year-old female(black brindle) - Caryn
> Kelley - 8yr male (black brindle) - Sandy
> Rosemary - 7-year-old female (red wheaten). - Gail
> Hawthorne - 7 years old male (wheaten) - Foster home Needed
> Rowan - 14-month Male (wheaton) - Foster home Needed
> Shea - 14-month Male (wheaton) - Foster home Needed
> Jasmine - 4.5 year old female (Black Brindle) - Foster home Needed

If you are a foster mom and are open to taking in one of these incoming babies, please let Judy or me know. We are getting a little
desparate....we'd love to hear from you. Please contact me at akat30@ aol.com without the space, or if you are willing to be a new foster home, please go to the website listed below and we have our on-line foster home agreement
under the FOSTER link for you to fill out. Thanks a lot.
> Thanks for considering,
> Aly

Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
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