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Member PageMember Page July 28 at 12:58
New Rescue Organization

While scooting around on the internet --- I'll admit it, I was looking to see if there were any sweet little Westie girls out there that I could alert Nancy and Dutchess to -- I came across this site called SKY ARK.

They are a group of volunteers --- pilots and small plane owners -- who provide free transport for rescue animals.

Rescue Folks, please check out SKY ARK and bookmark their page!!!

this babe's name is Sandy --- she's a Wheaten Terrier Mix --- and if my hubby wouldn't divorce me, shoot me, commit me to an institution, or make me live in the barn I'd go and get her in an instant!

Meet Sandy --- here is the link to her info and her photo is below:


Now who would love to have Sandy move in with them??? Gosh, she's so cute!!!


Member PageMember Page July 28 at 13:07
Strange Coincidences Reply to this Message

This girl, Sandy, was rescued from a high kill shelter in Georgia, Griffin to be exact. As soon as I saw that I thought, hmmmmm our Georgia and the name of the town is amazingly similar to Georgia's last name! (((it's a sign!)))

Look --- this info is from SKY ARK's site
Leaving - City: Griffin

Leaving - State: Georgia

Arriving - City: Teterboro or Stewart NY

Arriving - State: New Jersey

Crate Information: yes

Items W/Animal: vet records

Reason for Transport

rescued from high kill facility, destination: foster home,
and then hopefully forever adoptive home

So far it appears that Sandy has not been placed in a forver home YET, so maybe someone in the NY/NJ area would be interested in falling in love with her!!!
MacKenzie's & Skyler's Mum
July 30 at 17:29
Re: New Rescue Organization Reply to this Message

Found this Website: while they don't provide free transportation, they may be a lower cost alternative to get to out-of-the-main stream destinations, or shared services.

Thanks. Pam

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