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Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page August 01 at 23:39
Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST

Many of you know Debi as she posts from time to time regarding dogs in dire straights in a shelter in Las Vegas, NV... The infamous - Dewey Shelter...well, Debi has worked non-stop to help a little dog that appears to be part Yorkie and has written me along the way - these dogs only get 72 hours to be adopted and then they are put to sleep... Debi's story is sad, but also shows how inhumane someone can be to allow a little dog to exist in the condition she was in... tissue alert is given here... read on at your own risk. This is Debi's account in working to get this little girl taken in by a Yorkie rescue:

Debi Writes:
I have just spent 2 hrs on the pc looking up silky's and skye terriers. I WILL know this breed before this is over. I will say now that she for sure has one of these breeds in her. The thing that is throwing me off is the overbite and the coat coloring. If you look on petfinder it says she is only 2 yrs old and not available till Sat. So I am going tomorrow and waiting till I can spend some time with her and check her out. I want to know how old she is and about her teeth. Also if she is having trouble walking because of the matts at her hind legs. On the Dewey pic her belly looks really red. I just couldn't tell today. This is killing me having to wait.

Yipee!!! Sandi Ritchie (National Yorkshire Terrier Rescue) gave the ok for me to pull her. I'll be there when they open. She is no longer posted on the Dewey site so now I am worried.

I found her right away when I went there. I went up to the desk and ask the kennel mgr. what was up so he pulled up her info... So she was up for adoption yesterday and someone wanted to take her. When they brought her out they found tumors on her so the lady didn't want her but she never got put back in the system. I asked to pull her so I could see her and when they did I found she was full of tumors. I started at her front teats and as I went back they became larger. She also had marble size ones all over her body. The reason she couldn't walk right is because she had one the size of a small orange at her back end. If you look in the pic of her underside where she looks so red you can see that she is swollen. They were rock hard and hot. I knew it was cancer but hoped for better. We took her to the vet side and he looked at her and said she needed to be put down. I'm crying the whole time and trying to get him to tell me she may have a chance. Doug from the SPCA came and got me and made me go to lunch with him. He talked to me and made me realize it wasn't fair to her to put her thru surgery and bring her home for a few good days to then have to put her down. So back I went and they let me go in Dr Freer's office and spend the rest of the time with her. They couldn't euth her till after 4pm so I stayed and then they said I could be with her when they gave her the shots. I held her while she passed and cried the whole time. I have never had to put an animal down before. She was so calm and just looked up at me as if to say it will be OK. She never acted like she was in pain or scared. She just put her head on my chest and then snuggled up to me and went to sleep. I could feel her relax. I wanted to bring her ashes home but they do a mass cremation at night. I cried all the way home. My phone started ringing from my rescue friends here wanting to know if I found her and what happened. Carla called right after I got home and we cried together. It looks like I may become a part of yorkie rescue. Guess now I have to get a yorkie too. haha Angie I have never had to do anything so hard and hope I never have to again. It broke my heart. She was maybe 2 yrs old and so full of love. I just talked to her and told her how good her life would be now and she would have tons of friends waiting to meet her at the bridge and how much she was loved. I would love to get hold of her owners. They dumped her in the night drop box. Better stop for now. I have leaky eyes again. Debi

Angie, Thanks for your kind thoughts. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I couldn't get her off my mind. How could someone let her get in this shape? I stopped counting the tumors at 15. When I found the big one that wouldn't let her walk right I almost threw up. Yesterday was a learning experience for me. I learned a lot about tumors and if they are cancer. At first I was hoping it was mammary tumors that were benign or that her mammary glands were just swollen and infected. But the more I found I knew it was bad. The vet explained to me that if they are hard and hot it is 99% sure it is cancer. Then to get to be there when she was put down took away some of the horror. Euthanasia seems so cruel and painful. It was peaceful for her. They gave her a shot to put her to sleep (nighty night) and let me hold her for a while to talk to her and then they gave her the shot to stop her heart. I always thought they just gave an injection to stop the heart and that was it. It still didn't make loosing her any easier. She was my first and I will always remember her. I called her Lolly Lopside because she couldn't walk straight. That tumor was HUGE. If I had to have many days like yesterday I couldn't do this.

Please feel free to tell Debi your thoughts and encouragement - she is such a great rescue person and witnessed one of the many horrific sides of rescue... bless her heart and bless sweelt little Lolly Lopsided...


Kiss your babies tonight.... for Lolly.

Member PageMember Page August 01 at 23:40
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

The photo that shows the HUGE tumor on Happy's tummy...

Member PageMember Page August 01 at 23:43
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

Debi can be emailed at:

August 02 at 00:25
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

I've emailed her, I can only just imagine how her heart is breaking. We must all unite, in some way or another to prevent this kind of thing happening. Every little bit helps, every word of encouragement. Please take time to kiss you furbabies and your families.
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page August 02 at 07:36
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

For every peasant that lets a dear little creature reach this stage there's people like yourself and Debi, thankfully....she tried so hard and it's very bloody unfair and a tragic, tragic, needless waste.
I've emailed her.
Annie & The E Gang
Member PageMember Page August 02 at 07:47
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

You say it all Lynda....why oh why are these torturers still allowed to live is beyond me.Thank you so much for people like Angie and all the others who rescue and give hope to these little ones.
love Annie xxxxxxxxxxxx
Adrienne adn Thistle
Member PageMember Page August 02 at 12:52
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

the story is so heartbreaking and yet it is so full of love and hope. let's take comfort in that fact that Debi found her, if only for a brief moment, and she left this world with someone by her side. She got that love she deserved in the end.
thank you to all those who work so hard.
john / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page August 02 at 18:29
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

What a very sad story God bless all the people the world over who try to help all of our lost ones as for the people who can do this well i cant find any words

John / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page August 02 at 18:40
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

I can't really read the post. I get the gist of it. People never cease to amaze. I found a dog much like the one Debi writes about. I got her spayed. I paid for her mastectomy. I dealt with the cancer, broken leg, amputation and eventual euthanation.

If you don't want to take care of them, don't get a dog. Period. They aren't trash. They're living things.

God bless the people who go to shelters and rescue dogs and cats. What a difficult task they have.
Theo and Sara
Member PageMember Page August 02 at 23:17
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

This is so sad, such a lovely little girl. Debi, you did what you could for that sweet angel, you showed her love and comforted her when she needed it most. In some cases that is the very best they can hope for and you were there for her. I feel your pain, but bless you for having the courage to help this little girl find relief from her pain in the end.
Member PageMember Page August 05 at 03:06
Re: Big Effort - turns sad LONG POST Reply to this Message

How devastating. Debi - you did a marvellous job just to get there. Poor little darling.
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