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Two Westies Looking for a Home Reply to this Message
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Two Westies Looking for a Home

Do any of you know someone who would be interested? Please have them email me privately.

From the current 'mom'.

Arthur & Holly are, unrelated male & female West Highland terriers. Holly is older by approx. 1 year. They are 10 & 11 or 9 & 10. We never did "locate" their papers. They came to us 6 years ago when my husband's best friend (their only owner), past away suddenly of a heart attack.

There are multiple reasons that we need to find them a loving home, which are involved & family necessity oriented. I will be happy to elaborate, when needed.

Holly recently had all of her "updates" & a minor eye surgery. They have very little "problems" that warrant back & forth to the vet. Arthur went for his "updates" but we were told that he had an ear infection which is clear now & he has an appt. for his check-up the week of 8/25.

Holly actually "acts' younger. Arthur has some weight on, not too too much, but just enough to be sluggish at times. Both good temperment. They are very used to one another which is why I feel they MUST go together.

Member PageMember Page August 18 at 08:40
Re: Two Westies Looking for a Home Reply to this Message

You didn't say where you are located. Did you contact Westie Rescue
www.westieclubamerica.com Choose Rescue and then the state you are in.

Rescues by state
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