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Female Cairn in Ohio Reply to this Message
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MacKenzie's & Skyler's Mum
August 20 at 00:01
Female Cairn in Ohio

There is an adorable little female Cairn named Sandy, who is in rescue in Chillicothe, Ohio. She is on Petfinders and listed as CFP: SANDY. She is about 3 years old and 15 #. Sounds like she is a little timid and a bit submissive, but very sweet. Suzanne has been in contact w/ the org, but they state they will not adopt Sandy out of Ohio!!!!!! (this is in conflict w/ they web-site information!)
If anyone in Ohio is interested in her, you might contact them. Also, if anyone has any OHIO rescue contacts, might be helpful to see if they might be willing to consider an out-of-state adoption.
Perhaps I'm meddling here, but she is so sweet. Sorry but I don't know how to post her info from Petfinders to the TC.

Thanks so much.
MacKenzie's Pam

Tobie and Suzanne
Member PageMember Page August 20 at 17:31
Re: Female Cairn in Ohio Reply to this Message

Here is the message I got when I tried to get the Cairn from Ohio, Sandy ..............

Unfortunately, it is difficult to adopt more than 3 hours away, since we like to visit and have had some unfortunate situations. We finally resigned ourselves to the fact that to save ourselves a lot of heartache that we would limit the adoptions to Ohio. We may be missing some perfect homes, but unfortunately we thought that we placed a few pups in perfect homes that ended up being less than perfect. It is obvious that occasionally we are less than perfect in our selections and it breaks our hearts, but the only way that we can monitor the homes is by being somewhat nearby. We hope that you understand and will continue to search for your perfect pup at a shelter or rescue near you.
Thanks for wanting to adopt a homeless pet!

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page August 21 at 02:26
Re: Female Cairn in Ohio Reply to this Message

I can see their point in some ways. At least they care where they're placing dogs.
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