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Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page September 05 at 17:47
Lost a Dog in Arkansas ????

A kennel in Sharp County under investigation for possibly stealing animals was raided by federal agents and 125 dogs were taken .

The dogs, plus one cat, are at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds in Little Rock.

U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins didn't identify the owner of the kennel, which legally sold the animals for medical research. No charges have been filed, and Cummins said the animals could be turned back over to their owner. If the seizure becomes permanent, the animals will be put up for adoption, he said.

Cummins said the business is still operating.

Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver and Chris DeRose, the founder and president of a national nonprofit animal-advocacy organization based in Los Angeles called Last Chance for Animals, identified the business as Martin Creek Kennels, owned by C.C. Baird. Baird lives on the premises near Williford.

Weaver and DeRose said about 600 animals, most of them dogs, are still at the business.

Cummins says the seized animals are under guard, and the public cannot visit them. He said the animals will be moved before the Arkansas State Fair begins at the end of the month.

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