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Member PageMember Page October 08 at 07:46

From 2 CRM posts....

This afternoon I was at the dog park with D having a quiet moment speaking to friends. My cell rings and it is Aly with an urgent appeal. She had gotten a call .. that there was a 2 year old dog at the Center for Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn .... Aly wanted to know if I could get there stat to get her to a vet as it seemed to the woman at the CACC that this pup, who came in
late yesterday, has some very serious left face, head and eye trauma. They wanted to get her out as soon as possible because she needed some very serious vetting.

At first I had to decline as I was on my way upstate to have dinner with
my 92 and 94 year old parents whom I thought were going back to FL for the winter tomorrow morning. Not having dinner with them tonight might mean a
whole lot as they are really old. So Aly and I were trying to figure out how to get this little girl. I finally could not stand it any longer and
figured I would be very very late for dinner and go and get her.

So I called my folks and low and behold they are leaving on Thursday so I can go and have dinner with the tomorrow night. YEAH! I could now take
the time that was needed for this potentially very injured sweetheart. So I brought D home and off I went to Brooklyn in NYC rush hour traffic. I
HAD to stop at Target first because I wanted/needed to get her a bed and a soft blanket and a few stuffies.

When I got to CACC I had instructions to NOT pull her if she was not a cairn. Well cairn she is - a magnificent wheaten and red girl with slight
black highlights. She has the face of an angel. And the disposition of one too.

I scooped her up and met Aly at the same vet we used for Zoe - just as they were closing. Traffic was terrible going back as well. We have named her Ainsley (Diane - after your sweet daughter). Some !@#$%^&*
must have either kicked her or elbowed her or whatever to her left eye as it is in very very very bad condition. Terrible. The injury is devastating. Aly wrote down all the stuff but there is considerable swelling, the eye is bleeding, she has a high fever and so very much more.
Aly and I and the vet and the vet tech would just like 5 minutes with whomever did this and...

This animal hospital will be keeping her in their ICU for a few days. She has already gotten some potent shots to bring down the swelling and other stuff. She also is being given pain meds and eyedrops every hour! I have a feeling we will need to have a serious fundraiser for this sweet beauty.
She is going to make someone a fantastic pet but first we have to get her well again. Let's hope she isn't already blind in that eye and that
it can be saved.


Member PageMember Page October 08 at 07:49
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

about 4 PM today XXX called me with an emergency. The CACC in Brooklyn had a female cairn with trauma to the head and need immediate medical attention.

We made a quick plan and I called Danielle to let her know what was going on, and called Kathie to help... Kathie picked her up from the shelter and we met up at the vet. Ainsley has had some sort of Trauma to the left side of her head. Her eye and the surrounding area is filled up with blood and she has a knot above her eye about the size of an acorn that is raw and bruised. Both the vet and the shelter believe the her injury was inflicted by a human. The vet and Kathie were teary as we discussed the possible extent of her injuries and I had to sit down because I thought I was going to faint. I don't know what kind of monster hurts a 2 year old, 11 lbs dog and then dumps her at a city shelter, but it is moments like this that I think "Soprano Justice" is called for!!

Right now the extent of the damage to this little girl cannot be determined because of all the blood in eye. When I called Danielle to tell her about her injuries she committed all of the Donations made in her mothers name to the care of Ainsley. Bless you, Danielle!! I hope one day, I am half the lady you are!! And she is making Ainsley CP's new Guardian Angel dog...

Thank you Danielle for taking a leap of faith, Thank you Kathie for changing plans and picking her up, Thank you Alyce for trusting me, and Thank you Michele (CACC Employee) for not following protocol and letting us have her today. She is resting now..Safe... getting the care she so desperately needed.

This group has taught me all about miracles, please pray that there is one left for Ainsley.

"To the world you are a rescue person, to the rescued dog you are the World."

Member PageMember Page October 08 at 07:52
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

I want to add ... that this rescue was done by CPCRN with the assistance of CairnRescueUSA. They are the ones who found Ainsley, but they knew we had folks closer who could make the immediate save.
I too would like to thank them for their help in this rescue.

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page October 08 at 12:50
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

Well done to all of you for really pulling out all the stops for her. I do hope she'll be OK....
Annie&E Gang
Member PageMember Page October 08 at 11:43
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

Thank you so much all of you who are helping with this poor little Girl,and what a shame that someone is still wandering on this earth who has inflicted this terrible pain on her.I hope the outcome is good and that she finds a loving forever home very soon.
love Annie xxxxxxxxxxx
Kayla and Annie's MOm
October 08 at 16:30
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

Just makes me sick to think about her injury. Who could possible do something like that to a beautiful, sweet girl. My Kayla is a Cairn and I would never do anything like that to her.

Wonderful that you got her and please keep us updated on her condition. I hope she can keep her eye. And makes full recovery. Wish I was closer.
Adrienne, Cathy and Thistle
Member PageMember Page October 08 at 16:53
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

sometimes i wonder why i keep going on to this seciton of the site cause i always end up teary-eyed..but at least this time there are tears of joy as well as sadness and anger for this little girl. I'm so glad you found her and now she will be looked after.
poor little tyke. soprano justice is the least that they deserve for those who did this. I know i've stepped on thistle a few times and i'm so upset with myself when i've done it, so i don't know how people can walk around after doing something so horrific. it boggles teh mind.
thank you, thank you, thank you for all those who help.
Thistle, adrienne and cathy
john / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page October 08 at 17:32
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

God Bless all of you who take the time to help these poor little ones we do hope she will be fine poor girl

John / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page October 08 at 17:54
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

Good work Y'all. My first little dog, Murphy, was found freezing in the snow with this kind of eye injury. The eye eventurally atrophied, not requiring surgery, but he was blind in the left eye. It didn't bother him a bit all 18 years of his life. He was the bestest obedience dog - he was never distracted on the left, and the right eye was always looking at ME.

If I didn't have 4 dogs already, I would be in line for her, travelling via my sister's vet opthal. office in VA.

It might not be as costly asyou fear. Will visit CPCRN regularly to follow her progress!

Kisses from the wild bunch, and me, boring old mom
Member PageMember Page October 09 at 01:25
Ainsley.. day 2 Reply to this Message

From Danielle:

The report I got from Aly was that no matter what the emergency staff did to her in testing her and trying to dress her injuries, she would cry out in pain, but she never once snapped or tried to bite anyone. They said she has a wonderful attitude.

When you have a facial trauma to this extent, blood clots are a major concern, and she made it through the night without a stroke or worse, so this was a super sign. Her temperature was down some and the eye/facial areas are still too traumatized to know if she has a detached retina or what exactly is going on.

She will be in emergency until at least Friday, then she will probably go to an opthamolic surgeon. We really won't know more until the swelling goes down. I KNOW that your prayers and good thoughts are carrying her through this right now. She is a little 12 pound wonder.


Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page October 09 at 13:47
Re: Ainsley.. day 2 Reply to this Message

Thanks Corinne...hope she makes it through OK till tomorrow so the experts can take a good look.
Member PageMember Page October 09 at 19:22
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

What a sad sight she must have been for all...I agree..the person that did this needed worse!!!

We shall keep her in our thoughts and prayers...Bless the ones that have seen fit to give her love and care!!!

Hugs, Carolyn, Millie, Bonnie and (Ms. Taffy waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge)
Jodi & Logan
Member PageMember Page October 10 at 09:28
Re: Ainsley Reply to this Message

I still can't believe that people can be so sick to do these things. It justs makes you want to cry.
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