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Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message
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October 15 at 12:50
Ainsley 10/13 update

Let me preface this that the message is from Ann, Ainsley's foster mom. When she got the entire list of what was wrong with Ainsley, she was concerned it would be too much and we would need to put her down. BEFORE YOU READ THIS, know the decision was already made to give Ainsley what help she needs. She is NOT going to be put down, Col Potters will be there for Ainsley.

Anns note
Hello ladies,

I have been crying ever since Sommer called me from the vet's, knowing this poor sweet girl needs so much help, and so afraid it won't be there for her. I hardly know where to begin with her problems so I guess I'll start with the easy stuff and give you my vet's impressions of what has already happened with her. Dr. Porter was appalled at the condition of her little butt, so raw, and all the hair falling out, and was very disturbed that the previous medicine given ... well... it didn't even say what was in the bottle, so he said to stop giving it to her immediately (actually, I did yesterday since each dose motivated a terrible stool episode with her which got her to this state). He gave her a fecal just to be safe and to determine what medication she needed. She's taking 250 mg (cut in half) of Metronidazole (Flagyl) to be given every 12 hours for 5-7 days. The vet records given to me when I received her, said she weighs 15 pounds. Now she weighs 9.5 pounds and is VERY underweight for her size, although she is eating for us...every feeding, but in short sittings. Her temperature is 103, but he wasn't extremely worried about that due to her injuries, her body is working hard to heal and he said this was not unusual, but to monitor it for a few days. Her side seems sore, but he felt it was just from the beating she had, nothing appeared broken from his physical, but didn't want to take x-rays until we decided if she was going to see an orthopedic surgeon, since they would take x-rays themselves, anyway. Her hips are fine and othing appeared broken. He referred her to my eyes specialist, saying the eye if full of blood and more in their expertise than his, so tomorrow I shall call them for an appointment, hoping it won't take too long to get her in, ...... I am putting Vaseline on her butt now, rather than a topical antibiotic, hoping to keep the skin moist and since she has little hair left there, it may stay on her better and for longer. OK, here's the next problem. Her rear left leg is a low grade luxating patella, although I have NEVER seen a dog compensate with a leg the way she is since it is usually well under her body most of the time at a very sharp angle. Her RIGHT leg is a grade 4 luxating patella, not at all what I expected, since I always see the left leg being lifted strangely and giving out on her. He easily popped the knee in and out at will and even had Sommer feel how easily it slid out of the socket. He judgment is that she has been overcompensating for the right leg and this is "overworking" the left leg. At times she walks, even runs just fine, then she will start carrying the right leg (according to Sommer who saw this today just before she took her in) and then she did it again while in the vet's. P-L-E-A-S-E don't tell me to put her to sleep!!! I can't bear the idea of seeing her lost since she is so sweet and adorable and just BEGGING for someone to love her and help her. I'm very upset, knowing how expensive this all will be, but have faith that God will find a way to make this all happen, knowing this will break my heart if I am told to put her down. It may be possible that the leg can be held off for a while, with hopes that someone will adopt her and then make the repairs, but this little girl is so special, loving, and truly deserving of our help. Dr. Porter said that his veterinary clinic does the surgery for luxating patella also, although we have always taken ours to N. C. State since they do so many, but he is a good doctor and I trust him with all my babies in every way. ....The eye specialist may not be that expensive, .... so maybe it is possible to deal with the eye problem and find some generous person to adopt her, who will take care of the leg. All in all, she's doing fine, everyone falling in love with her and following me all over the house, already. She's eating just fine for us, I will feed her more often since she eats only small amounts at the time, and needs to put some weight back on.


Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page October 15 at 13:44
Re: Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message

Hope they can get lots more good results from the eye specialist and the bone specialist...hope she will be alright.
Annie &E Gang
Member PageMember Page October 15 at 15:59
Re: Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message

Poor little thing she must be feeling so frightened and yet so happy not to be abused,I could not end her lifeand once she has started to feel a bit better and her other problems are sorted,as you say someone will give her a forever home this time and all the medical assistance for her leg.I will keep looking for updates.
Love and kisses and Big Prayers for her to feel better very soon,and Thank you for all that is being done for her.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Member PageMember Page October 15 at 16:58
Re: Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message

I'm so glad you posted a warning...all was a go...I'd not been able to read on...

Do you have auctions to raise funds? If so, just let me know and I can donate a few things...

Hugs, Carolyn, Millie, Bonnie and (Ms. Taffy waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge)
D Gang
Member PageMember Page October 15 at 19:11
Re: Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message

OMG! Poor Ann! I so feel her pain! Hang in there Ainsley, we are pulling for you!
Jodi & Logan
Member PageMember Page October 15 at 21:37
Re: Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message

I can't believe what this poor little one is going through.
Member PageMember Page October 15 at 22:32
Re: Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message

Dear little Ainsley, we are sending such healing thoughts your way. You are such a great dog, I can tell! Hang in there little one! xxx Marianne and Max
Member PageMember Page October 16 at 00:31
Re: Ainsley 10/13 update Reply to this Message

Yes we do auctions (we have on going on now that has bookends and a pic of President Roosevelt's Fala!!)

If you wish to donate items, please email me directly.

and thank you for asking.

Col Potters Ebay Page
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