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Eileen A. Czablewski
Member PageMember Page October 16 at 12:01

A LOVEY Older Man needs a Foster Home:

Subject: Elmo the Cairn Needs Foster Home

Cairn Rescue USA is looking for a foster home for Elmo, a cairn who just
turned 10 years old but is a generally healthy active dog. Elmo loves to get on

your lap and give kisses. He also loves bellyrubs. He loves to have toys
thrown for him…to be walked…chase squirrels…or lay by his favorite person.
He is
a great guy, but does have a couple of special needs. First, he can be
somewhat dog aggressive. Elmo lived for almost 10 years as an only dog. He was

surrendered when his mom decided that because she was now going to have a baby,
she wouldn't have time for him anymore. His other special need is that he has
dry eye and needs meds put in his left eye two to three times a day. He is
wonderful about having this done and gives no problems. Rescue provides all
medication for his eye and Elmo is fully vetted. For information on fostering
for Cairn Rescue USA, please go to
http://www.cairnrescueusa.com/volunteer/frm_foster.htm. If you can foster Elmo,
OR, know of anyone else who might be able
to, please email me directly at CRUSAKatie@a.... Thank you for any
consideration you can give Elmo, who is now being boarded at a kennel.

Katie McDonough, President
Cairn Rescue USA

Annie &E Gang
Member PageMember Page October 16 at 15:57
Re: FOSTER HOME NEEDED Reply to this Message

I hope he gets a permanent home this time poor little chap,It makes me wonder when someone has decided just because they want a child that they can then just say they wont have the time any more for the dog...A living animal...defenceless..just to be cast aside,wonder what they will do when they are tired of the child after a few years.
They should be banned from having another dog ever.Just my views and venting.
Love Annie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page October 16 at 17:17
Re: FOSTER HOME NEEDED Reply to this Message

He'll make someone a super new companion.
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