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Member PageMember Page October 22 at 08:19
Home Visits

I posted this on the general board, but decided to copy it here so it stays longer.. This is why we need home visits.

Jon, I'm sorry you were turned down, but home visits are a must have. If you are still interested, send an email back that you will allow a visit.

Consider this. Until we check a home in person, we have no way of checking that you really are YOU. We are talking to folks YOU told us to talk to, including someone YOU said is a vet....for all we know you are a collector.. who treats them badly once they arrive.

The home visit is the one and only time we actually SEE that you have a home, that you are a nice person, that you care for the dog you already have the way you say you do.

I have done 3 home visits myself. I don't particularly enjoy the idea of doing them, but I've enjoyed all the ones I've done... I am very nervous of ending up at some whacko's house...

When I visit I'm looking more at YOU and your family than your home. Are you really the wonderful person your references say you are? Does everyone really want the dog? I'm there to tell you hazards I see (one of my visits had medicine on a table by the bed - to some cairns that would look like snackies), to find out if YOU understand cairns or are willing to take advice... to make sure you really understand that an invisible fence WONT keep a cairn from a squirrel, that you cant tie a cairn out for hours every day, that you understand the benefits of responsible crate use.

I dont care if you have tv's in every room or not, or how big your home is. Neatness is not a big thing with me.. my home could be on clean sweep.. BUT I do need to see if you keep antifreeze on the floor in the garage, or other poisons in reach... AND see your reaction when I tell you about them.

btw.. we say the home visits are about 15 mins... mine have ended up usually 45 mins to an hour..BECAUSE the folks I'm visiting want to hear all about cairns (all my visits were first cairns) and how they would behave. and I have lots of stories...the 'business' part is usually done very quickly.
All my visits were pleasant and trust me we want to be unobstrusive.

please reconsider. We do try to have it be a Col P volunteer doing the visit, but there are only about 250 of us across the entire US... when one of us isnt available, we do ask other rescue groups or local humane societies for help.

Hope knowing the rationale helps. For what it is worth, I usually dont let folks in my home either. I had a robbery some years ago and havent really gotten over having my home trashed by strangers. (thank God they didnt hurt or take any of my pets)


Annie &E Gang
Member PageMember Page October 22 at 10:07
Re: Home Visits Reply to this Message

I would never refuse anyone to my home to see how I would look after a furkid and to discuss matters in general and so they can see the animals welfare and safety is my main priority and a loving forever home.
Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Eve,Phoenix, Faith
Member PageMember Page October 22 at 15:43
Re: Home Visits Reply to this Message

I am with you on this one.
Any one that says no to a home visit I would say no to letting a pet live there, I guess my way of looking at things is if I couldn't live there then I would not expect a pet to live there either.
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