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Member PageMember Page November 15 at 17:23
Col. Potters Cairn Rescue Network: Rally Cry for h

In Missouri, the weather is changing and Old Man Winter is gathering his breath to blow a cold season over the mountains and foothills of this puppymill state. The wind, it cuts like a knife and the cold is bone chilling. Little furbabies are huddled together for the meager warmth their skinny, filthy, neglected, bodies can share. Since it is cold outside, the food throwers don't come out as often and the water in the bowls freezes over. Maybe a little something in their tummies could give them enough energy to produce a bit of body heat, but who knows when a bit of food will get tossed into their cages. The fact is that only the strongest will get some of the food. The smaller and weaker ones will wait for another day and hope that tomorrow will bring a full belly.

Light and dark cycles pass endlessly, no change in site. Sometimes, the sting of a cold rain falls from the sky chilling their bodies, causing more misery and discomfort to an already hellish existence. At times thunderstorms crash overhead causing the freezing little bodies to flinch in fear. Do you think they ever wonder if this is the end? When the snows come and the temperature drops below freezing the misery will multiply and some may not survive.

What DOES the future hold for the babies that exist in this hell on Earth of a puppymill? Sometimes the food thrower will walk down the aisle and point and say, "That one, and that one, and that one over there." Could the chosen few possibly have the chance of a life outside of hell? Dare they hope that a full belly, a warm body and a kind hand are in their future? Or could the end mean a needle, bullet or gas that finally ends the suffering for some of the unchosen.

That depends...their future depends on us, you and me and all the others that give so generously of their hearts, homes and pocket. We hold the future of those cold, sometimes tattered, filthy, neglected bodies in our hands. Those that are suffering from a damaged spirit have a chance in us to give them a brighter day, a future filled with tomorrows. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, we can only take in as many babies as we have Foster Homes available. If you have ever thought about becoming a foster home, NOW is the time. We know the Holidays are coming and all of our lives will be more hectic than usual. We will each be trying to squeeze as much as possible into our days but we have to ask ourselves, if I can't take one, how do we decide which one will not be saved, which little body will be left behind."

When babies are chosen in order to "thin the stock" of a miller there are three possible outcomes. One is that their freezing, filthy, pitiful bodies will be sold to another breeder that does not have a problem with his breeding stock being five, six years old or even older. The miller's with "integrity" sometimes do not like to breed one of their dogs after they are 5 or six years old. That doesn't stop them from selling those babies to someone with less "integrity" that will breed them until their worn-out, exhausted, drained bodies can not produce one more puppy. They purchase these adult dogs in the hopes that a few more litters might be forced from their pitiful bodies that could put a little change in the devil's pocket.

Some of the chosen might be taken out back, behind the Mill. Those babies never come back. We can only light candles and pray that even though their tortured little bodies have left this earth, their Spirit soars to the Bridge and shines down on us.

How many of the chosen will make it into our hands? Rescue is the third and best possibility for any of the chosen. How many will have the chance to have a full belly, clean body, disease free existence and be allowed to live the rest of their lives with dignity and respect? How many can we possibly bring into our program, even if we have to squeeze their little bodies into our Foster Homes? How many have we ever had to turn away because we didn't have the resources to care for them or a foster home to love them?

Well, I can tell you that we have the opportunity to change the lives, for the better, of nearly TWENTY dogs in the very near future. Before the end of November, the lives of twenty babies.... those that have already been "chosen" may have a future with Colonel Potter. A miller is "thinning the stock" and we are going to do our best to RESCUE these babies.

So, who wants to run out to the money tree and give it a good shake? Oh, right, we don't have one of those, so I guess we will have to get the funds for these babies the old fashioned way.

We all need to make our Christmas lists, check it twice, and then head to the CAIRN MALL at http://mall.cairnrescue.com/index.html. We have cookbooks and calendars, doggy duds and bandanas, snuggly beds and blankies. We need to use every dollar we are going to spend anyway, to support the babies now and in the coming days. Shop our Affiliate programs use the IGive Shopping Window. There are hundreds of stores that are part of the IGive program, so make sure you download the Window and it will tell you automatically if the store you are shopping in online is a member of the IGive program. You can also make direct donations by using Paypal. You could also make a Holiday donation in someone's name.

As important as funds are to care for these babies, the need for Foster Homes is SO VERY important. The number of available foster homes directly impacts how many Cairns we can take into Colonel Potter. We are actively looking for 15 foster homes. If you are already a foster home and want to foster a second baby, we need you. Do you have anyone that you would trust with your furbaby that could foster, we need them. If you have been approved to foster, but have not had the opportunity to actually foster a dog, we need you. If you have been thinking of filling out the foster home application, we need you. Please contact monikarest@yahoo.com to let us know you are willing to foster a Cairn in need. You can also go to our website at http://www.cairnrescue.com/rescue/foster.htm#fosterapp and fill out the application. Make sure you read this article http://www.cairnrescue.com/rescue/foster.htm#ONE to help you with your decision.

Thanks to everyone that is instrumental in the fight to Rescue the babies that so desperately need us. We Thank you for the support you have given us in the past and we are grateful for the support you give us everyday.

We hope your Holidays are warm, cuddly and filled with the love of your Family, Friends and fuzzbutts! Please keep the twenty babies that have been chosen in your hearts and prayers.... and pray that Colonel Potter will be their future.

Monika Rest, Intake Manager

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network


Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page November 16 at 09:05
Re: Col. Potters Cairn Rescue Network: Rally Cry for h Reply to this Message

A heartbreaking post....I wish I had deeper pockets and lived nearer...and this should get peoples' attention, Corinne...good luck and we'll be hoping for the best for the lucky ones you get...
john / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page November 16 at 10:24
Re: Col. Potters Cairn Rescue Network: Rally Cry for h Reply to this Message

A very Sad And Heartbreaking post Reduced me to tears If only we could stop this needles cruelty
we wish you well Corinne But we know you have a uphill struggle

John / irene TOBY
Sandy, Lucy and Taz
Member PageMember Page November 16 at 21:55
Re: Col. Potters Cairn Rescue Network: Rally Cry for h Reply to this Message

Wished I lived closer so I could help with this new batch. I have put in my application but Washington is a long way from where they are! I hope you get enough closer so that you can rescue them all.
Annie &E Gang
Member PageMember Page November 17 at 09:16
Re: Col. Potters Cairn Rescue Network: Rally Cry for h Reply to this Message

So Heartbreaking what lives ogf misery some of these wee ones have,I really do wish that I lived nearer and able to help in any way.Thank you so much from our hearts for all that you are doing.
Love Annie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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